Track Your Parcel Delivery Here

Track A Parcel

Simply enter your 6 digit ParcelBroker order number, which begins MPS###### into the tracking box above and hit the Enter key.  Our unified tracking tool will show the latest tracking status regardless of which courier it is travelling with.

Being able to track your parcel throughout its journey is a great benefit which, believe it or not, some cheaper carriers still don't offer. With ParcelBroker we only use the best couriers who utilise the most advanced tracking systems available.  This means you can rest assured the information provided will be as up to date as humanly possible.

Your parcel will only show tracking information after it has been picked up from the drop off location or collection address. If you are having any issues with your shipment, we have a team on hand to help, so do not hesitate to get in touch today.

How to find your Order Number

When using ParcelBroker for your deliveries and collections, you only need to use the ParcelBroker order number we supply to track any shipment, regardless of the courier it's travelling with or the type of traffic (parcel, pallet or document).

Once you've placed an order with us, you'll receive an email containing your order number.  The number begins with the letters MPS followed by 6 digits.

You can also find your order numbers by signing in and visiting the "My Account" section.  You can then view or search all of the orders you've placed with ParcelBroker.

Parcel Tracking Information

The information provided by our tracking system varies depending on which courier is transporting the parcel.  Some couriers like UPS or DHL have literally thousands of different scans to provide you accurate updates on the location of your parcel.

In addition to the standard scans to inform you that the parcel has been collected, has been sorted at the hub and is out for delivery, there are plenty of other useful scans to inform you of any issues that may delay your shipment.

Parcels travelling internationally tend to have several more scans than one's being delivered to the UK, this is usually due to the additional checks as the goods travel through customs.

International Parcel Tracking

ParcelBroker's tracking system is a unified system.  This means that regardless of whether your shipment is travelling within the UK or being exported or imported internationally, all you need is your order number to follow the progress of the parcel.

It's very important to monitor your tracking and this is especially the case for parcels being sent across customs borders as there could be additional customs taxes and duties levied on the importer.

By monitoring your tracking, you'll be aware of any delays or customs issues as they arise, allowing immediate action and reducing the chances of a failed delivery.

Sharing Tracking Information

Screenshot of ParcelBrokers delivery address input page

One of the most common questions posed by purchasers is "Where is my parcel".  When you use ParcelBroker for your shipping, there are some tools to ensure your recipient always has the latest tracking information at their fingertips.

During our booking process, when you are asked to input the recipients delivery address details, you can also specify an email address for them.

Once you've completed placing your order, we'll send the recipient an email, advising that a parcel is on the way to them, who it's from and finally how they can track the parcel.  This usually reduces the amount of tracking enquiries you'll receive.

Example of an email sent by ParcelBroker showing how to track a parcel.