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The United States of America is a vast country, from the tropical islands of Hawaii to the snowscapes of Alaska, its 50 states cover such a wide area that the USA encompasses several time zones. Sending a parcel from the UK to the USA involves special paperwork to obtain permission for it to enter the country.

ParcelBroker works in partnership with trusted courier services in the USA and Canada, to ensure reliable and careful door-to-door delivery at exclusive rates.

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What’s the cheapest way to send a package to the USA?

Our best value deal for shipping to the USA comes from DSV. Despite being our cheapest option, your parcel will be delivered to the USA from as quick as 1 business day and includes tracking. Simply drop it to your local collection point, or arrange collection from your home or business.

Service Name: "UPS: Express Saver"

From £21.92 including £25 transit cover*

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*£25 Extended liability cover is included on all services with the option to purchase instant additional cover up to £1000.  Business users will also be invited to receive goods in transit insurance quotes for consignments exceeding £1000 in value prior to their goods being collected.

Export Parcels to America: Price Comparison by Parcel Weight

Save cash per kilo, when you choose ParcelBroker. We can save you up to 70% on your shipping costs thanks to our partnerships with top international couriers.

UPS FedEx DHL DSV TNT Parcelforce
0.5kg £30.41 £33.70 £26.53 £21.92 £30.60 £27.25
1kg £32.88 £36.78 £29.58 £23.67 £33.27 £29.72
5kg £60.46 £59.30 £48.06 £38.88 £55.30 £50.42
10kg £81.91 £88.79 £78.35 £56.72 £83.69 £70.12
15kg £101.50 £120.33 £97.42 £70.47 £103.23 £86.56
20kg £121.10 £145.04 £116.51 £85.16 £122.90 £102.98
25kg £142.42 £146.68 £135.60 £101.83 £142.62 £119.41

Prices as of May 21, 2024

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If you’re shipping to the USA for the first time, we’re on hand to help. Browse our comprehensive USA guide for more information, or contact our team for support with your order.

Customs Procedures and Regulations in the US

The United States has strict customs procedures and regulations. Some items are completely prohibited, whereas others can be admitted into the country with the correct paperwork in place.

Items you Can’t Ship to America

There is an outright ban on mailing cigarettes and loose tobacco to the US. Other things that are strictly prohibited include live animals, aerosols, weapons, knives, money, medicines, and gases. You can send foodstuff, but you need to get permission from US customs first, where you’ll be issued with a prior notification registration number, which shows you have the right authorisation. Just contact us today for assistance.

Prohibited items - include commonly illegal items around the world. In addition to items specifically controlled by America’s border forces. Carriers also have their own lists of prohibited and restricted items. Please be sure to check these before shipping.

Restricted items - will only be admitted to the US when the exporter follows the legal restrictions. This means an error in the paperwork, or missing documents, may result in your package being seized, and charges applied.

Here are some examples of items that are prohibited and restricted in export to the USA. You can also find the Universal Postal Union’s full list of prohibited and restricted items, here or refer to the US customs website.

Commonly Restricted items

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Animal products
  • Items of a remarkably high value
  • Batteries
  • Christmas Crackers
  • Electronic items
  • Food items
  • Lighters
  • Paints
  • Perfumes
  • Seeds and plants

Commonly Prohibited items

  • Absinthe

  • Biological cultures

  • Certain firearms

  • Cultural artefacts

  • Food and drinks

  • Gold

  • Hazardous material

  • Livestock or animal pests

  • Narcotics

  • Plants, seeds, vegetables, and fruits

  • Soil

  • Wildlife products

FAQs about Sending Parcels to America from the UK

Labelling and Packing Exports to the USA

All exports to the USA must comply with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. Be sure to check these, and any additional labelling and packing regulations that apply to specific products and industries. The biggest difference is US ZIP codes, these five (standard) to nine (extended) digit series are similar to a postcode.

Tariffs for Shipping to the US

Tariffs apply when exporting certain goods to the USA. This depends on the product and destination. To classify your goods, you can use the UK Trade Tariff here. Your recipient in the US will be liable for any import duty and sales tax levied by US customs. This is because all our export services are sent on a "Delivered at Place" (DAP) incoterm unless otherwise arranged in writing.

All our services to the USA include door to door shipping and customs clearance submission by our carriers. Your recipient can choose to nominate their own customs clearance broker who can help them with federal procedures and submit information and payment to CBP if they wish. Follow our guide on how to calculate duct tax on your exports here.

How to Export Large Parcels to America?

With ParcelBroker, you can ship parcels up to 50 kg in weight via couriers such as UPS, DHL and FedEx.

Get a quote using the weight and dimensions of your heavy parcel for more information, or explore pallet delivery options for the US

Customs for Exporting to the USA

The tax system in the US is pretty complicated! Each state regulates its own level of "Sales Tax" rather than VAT which can be determined by the government, states, county of a state or even a city! You'll need to prepare customs documentation to ensure the US Customs & Border Protection agency (CBP) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can process your goods and charge the correct amount of duty and sales tax to the US importer. Our system helps you create customs documentation during the booking process, but you should include as much information as possible including the harmonized tariff code for your products.

Find more information on how to clear US customs here.

How Much Does it Cost to Send a Parcel to the US?

ParcelBroker offers shipping to the USA from just £21.92. Explore our different shipping options, including Economy and Express in our shipping to the US price comparison tool here. You can even get next day delivery!

Exporting and Importing to America

If you need to import and export to the United States, ParcelBroker can help in both directions. Enquire about our import prices today and explore our daily shipper rates here.

To ensure safe and timely transit of your consignment, you should make sure you know which US regulations apply to your products and label your parcels correctly. Here are some resources for the main federal agencies in the US:

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