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UPS is the largest package delivery company in the world and a provider of supply chain management solutions. With the capability to deliver to over 220 countries, the service delivers more than 15 million parcels per day to over 7.9 million customers. In this way, UPS has proved itself to be one of the most reliable and effective parcel delivery services in the business, which is why ParcelBroker has integrated this great business into its platform.

Although much of UPS's trade occurs within the US, its international package operations includes shipments completely outside of the US. Its portfolio is such that it can deliver small letters and parcels, all the way up to freight services for businesses in need of large shipments over 70kg. With over 100 years of history, you can rest assured that UPS will provide a timely and friendly service for your particular business requirements. 

A superior international shipping service

UPS can help make international trade much smoother with its international shipping services. While border controls and customs can be a real headache for those hoping to have their goods delivered quickly and without hassle, UPS can help you along with those tricky import formalities, thus minimising delays and keeping control of important costs.

For urgent international shipments, UPS offers an express service that can deliver at your convenience, including morning and evening time slots. Transit times tend to range from one to three days, depending on where you are shipping from and to.

For less urgent international shipments, UPS offers services that will be able to get your packages from origin to destination in two to five days, with a guaranteed delivery day. The transit time will, of course, depend on the countries you are shipping from and to.

An easy solution for marketplace shipping

For those looking to integrate online store orders with top quality shipping technology, UPS has the means to simplify shipping processes in this way. With UPS Marketplace Shipping, clients are able to enrol up to 10 accounts each for every online store, complete shipments in as few as two steps, speed up payment processes with a UPS account number, credit card or PayPal, and combine multiple orders into a single shipment. 

Utilising UPS Marketplace shipping can help businesses ship items speedily and easily, as well as saving on costs. Its superior shipping technology can allow for shipping preferences to be personalised and for collection times to be scheduled at convenient times. Customers are also able to track packages online and return them with little hassle.

Superior tracking solutions

UPS is a company well-attuned to the importance of a parcel reaching its destination on time and in one piece. Its tracking service offers reliable tracking information so that its clients are kept well-informed and can rest assured that their all-important parcels will be delivered in a timely fashion. UPS also offers options for shipments to be changed or re-routed for certain orders, demonstrating the company's commitment to its customers’ needs and time schedules.