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Here at Parcelbroker, we help consumers, small businesses and large retailers to strengthen their delivery management through the use of the world's most renowned carriers.

Why use more than one carrier?

Flexibility and adaptability

Flexibility and adaptability are Parcelbroker’s biggest assets. The UK courier industry has never been busier, and those businesses who place all their eggs in one proverbial basket can easily find themselves stuck in a slow queue, leading to client disappointment and a damaged business reputation. The option to choose multiple carriers can enable your business to side-step this problem.

Increased reach

With multiple carriers, you can increase the areas that you can cover. You won’t find yourself having to turn down customers who live in distant postcode areas. No matter where your customer lives, you can still promise quick delivery by using a carrier who covers that particular area. In addition, this increased reach will develop your customer database over time, leading to repeat business in the future.


Using multiple carriers gives you the perfect back-up plan if something goes awry. No matter how good one carrier company is, things do go wrong from time-to-time, leaving you with a disappointed customer and a black mark on your reputation for reliability. Using multiple carriers means that you will always have a substitute when you need one.

Guaranteed service during peak times

No matter how large or small your business, delivery schedules during peak periods, such as Christmas, can be strained. If you opt to use only one carrier during these periods, you risk failing to deliver to your clients on-time. Using multiple carriers over particularly busy periods can help to address this increased workload, leaving your customers confident and relaxed that their order will arrive in plenty of time.

Convenience and dedicated customer service

If you are concerned about the logistics of contacting and organising multiple carriers, not to mention all the paperwork involved, you need not worry. Here at Parcelbroker, we do all the hard work for you as part of our service. Our dedicated customer service team also have a great relationship with all of our carriers, together with a thorough understanding of their protocols, which is something that you could never hope to achieve on your own. This close working relationship means more effective and faster results, and in many cases avoids parcels being returned, saving you money. No-one wants the hassle of dealing with claims queries, invoice disputes, and late or failed collections. Sorting out problems such as these can be extremely time-consuming, not to mention frustrating and stressful. Our customer service team can take the stress out of liaising between carriers, leaving you free to get on with running your business.

There are many benefits to using multiple carriers to handle your business’ logistical requirements. With online shopping set to continue increasing in popularity, the time and money that you can save, in addition to the increased customer satisfaction and enhanced company reputation that you can gain by using multiple carriers, is well worth considering.