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FedEx has been the world leader in courier services since its inception in 1973, and in the 21st century, they are as strong as ever. With an infrastructure that makes even the most successful courier services green with envy, FedEx provides a speedy, trustworthy, and specific delivery service to over 220 countries across the globe. FedEx connects countries and markets that total over 90% of global gross domestic product, making it possible to send goods and products around the world in 1 to 3 business days.

With over 3.6 million shipments carried out every business day, FedEx is by far the largest express transportation company in the world, and is truly a global leader in the courier service industry. Here at ParcelBroker, we insist on only working with the best companies in the business, therefore we are delighted to work alongside this reputable corporate giant. We pride ourselves in providing a fast, reliable, and cheap delivery service, and with this in mind, FedEx is the perfect business partner.


Why FedEx?

FedEx has the largest and most thorough courier infrastructure on the market, and the benefits they offer to their customers are no different. FedEx offers multiple features and guarantees to their customers, and naturally these extend to all ParcelBroker users.


Do they offer a money back guarantee? 

Unlike many other courier services, FedEx offer a money back guarantee to any customer who does not receive their parcel at the promised time. This is just another sign of how confident FedEx are in their service provision, and yet another reason why at ParcelBroker we are so excited to be working alongside them.

FedEx is not just express by name, but also by nature. Being the world’s largest courier company, FedEx has customer call centres across the globe to answer any query you may have, as soon as possible.


Can I track my parcel? 

In keeping with their promise to provide the best possible customer service, FedEx has established a state-of-the-art real-time tracking system to give you peace of mind while your parcel is on the move. When you choose to use the world’s leading courier service, you can keep track of your delivery every step of the way. FedEx also provides proof of delivery with every order, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your parcel has truly reached its destination.

These are just some of the reasons that at ParcelBroker we are delighted to be working with FedEx. Offering the best possible customer service is one of our main goals, and our partnership with the world’s leading courier service promises to help us meet and exceed this goal. Using our service, you can save money, time, and hassle when booking your parcel delivery, while still utilising the resources and infrastructure of a world-leading courier service. Use ParcelBroker to get a FedEx quote today.