Our New Reward Program - ParcelPoints

Unlike other reward programs, all our customers are automatically enrolled so you can start saving today! Not only will you save money on your shipping but you will collect ParcelPoints on every order!

Earning ParcelPoints

  • Collect 1 ParcelPoint for every 50p on qualifying spend at ParcelBroker
  • 1 ParcelPoint = £0.01
  • ParcelPoints are only valid against the cost of the delivery service, it will not be applied for additional services
  • Keep checking back on this page for new ways to earn ParcelPoints
  • Look out for double point days where every point earned we’ll give you another point for FREE

Redeeming ParcelPoints

  • Points are only available and redeemable at the official ParcelBroker website https://www.parcelbroker.co.uk
  • ParcelPoints are only available toward the cost of shipping excluding VAT
  • Points cannot be earned on any element of a transaction which is paid for by redeeming points
  • There is no minimum spend in order to collect ParcelPoints
  • Orders that are cancelled/refunded/surcharged or breach our Terms & Conditions are not eligible for points refunds.
  • Minimum redemption value for ParcelPoints is £0.01p
  • ParcelPoints will be shown in 50 point increments but will be applied by £0.01p. They can be used across multiple services in one basket.

Just to get you started you can earn 10 bonus ParcelPoints simply by clicking the button below!

Earn More ParcelPoints...

From time to time we will update this area to show different ways you can earn ParcelPoints, so check back regularly and keep an eye on your emails!

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Please note: Any customers found attempting to defraud or abuse the points program will find their accounts deleted and orders cancelled. If multiple accounts are found for one collection address, all but one account will be deleted and you will not get to keep the points from the deleted accounts.