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Pall-Ex was established in the UK in 1996. Through Pall-Ex, customers have access to a network of dedicated and efficient hauliers which offer distribution of palletised freight throughout the UK, in Europe and beyond. Customers can benefit from a celebrated service which is cost-effective, reliable and efficient. 

Since its foundation, the Pall-Ex network has grown significantly, but the company has never lost sight of its core values, which are to provide an excellent standard of service to customers at cost-effective rates. Thanks to developments in cross-border technology, Pall-Ex has been able to expand its delivery onto the European continent and globally, while maintaining its unparalleled high level of service.

ParcelBroker is proud to work in partnership with Pall-Ex to meet your domestic and international palletised freight distribution needs. There are over one hundred UK-based members in the Pall-Ex network who all work tirelessly to ensure your freight is delivered safely to its destination.

Pall-Ex also lead technological developments that enable them to drive their service forward, meaning they can be methodical and efficient when transporting customers' goods. For example, they use a web based portal to centralise orders and simplify documentation, passing these benefits onto the consumer.


Core Services 

Through Pall-Ex, ParcelBroker can offer next day, economy or timed delivery of palletised freight for:

• Shipments of different sizes and weights, in both European and standard sizes (catering for delivery of quarter, half and full pallets, as well as full light and mega full)

• Economies of scale for shipments comprising four pallets or more

• Part and full trailer loads (PTL and FTL)


Europe and beyond

Our established networks and expertise on the continent means that customers can send freight all over Europe, while still benefiting from an efficient and cost-effective provision with guaranteed delivery dates. In order to ensure we always provide the best service possible to our customers, we audit all collections and deliveries carried out using our network partners, so you can be certain when placing your trust in them.

ParcelBroker, in conjunction with Pall-Ex, is proud to offer customers palletised delivery in the following countries: UK, France, Benelux countries, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Sweden, Poland and Turkey.

If you need an efficient and reliable delivery of your consignment to the continent, ParcelBroker recommends the Connect Europe service to meet your needs. Throughout the delivery process, consignments can be tracked and monitored until they are safely delivered to your destination, on time. You will benefit from a simple quoting process, specified delivery dates and tariffs based on fixed pallet dimensions.

Should you wish to send your freight further afield, Pall-Ex International’s network can meet your needs. The Connect World service offers regular weekly departures from our central distribution hub to destinations around the world. The service is flexible and can be customised to suit your individual shipping needs.

Whatever your palletised shipment needs, you can trust ParcelBroker, in conjunction with Pall-Ex, to get your delivery safely to its destination on time.