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You may not have heard the name, but Palletways are one of the biggest shipping companies in the world, and the largest pallet delivery network in Europe. With more than 400 strategically positioned depots throughout the UK and mainland Europe, in more than 20 countries, Palletways offer a pallet delivery service unrivalled for its speed and reliability.


UK pallet delivery

Palletways offer a wide range of fast and reliable pallet delivery options across the UK, offering outstanding value for money no matter what you’re looking to ship.


Premium delivery

Available on all deliveries throughout the UK and Europe, Palletways' express premium service offers fast and convenient delivery both domestically and internationally.


Economy delivery 

Where speed is less important, Palletways' best value standard option sees your pallets arrive typically between three and seven days after pick-up. This option is available as standard to all domestic and international locations within Palletways network and is great value for money, while offering all of the same tracking and reliability of Premium and Premium+ options.


Tail-lift delivery 

When a forklift isn’t available - if, for example, you only require occasional palletised shipping - Palletways can provide a vehicle equipped with a tail-lift to pick-up and deliver your pallets. It is important to specify this when you place your order, as there’s nothing worse than your pallets arriving at your customer’s address and then not being able to unload from the vehicle!


Timed delivery 

When you need extra precision, or simply want the convenience of certainty, Palletways can arrange to ensure that your pick-up or delivery takes place within either a morning or afternoon time slot.


International Pallet Delivery

Through its Palletways Europe network, co-ordinated at a state of the art headquarters in Baer, Switzerland, Palletways works with more than 350 local depots to ensure that your pallets are delivered reliably and on time, every time, throughout Europe.



This is Palletways' fastest, priority shipping option, aiming to have your delivery at its destination within 48 hours of pick-up. It is only available on specific routes, so please enquire for more information.



If you don’t need the 48-hour speed of Premium+, but you’re still looking for something fast and reliable, then Palletways' Premium service is available on all routes across the continent and will ensure that your delivery arrives as soon as possible.


Pallet specifications

Palletways are a pallet delivery service, catering for large or bulk deliveries shipped on industrial pallets. They do not deliver individual small parcels or ‘postal’ items.

A full range of pallet sizes and options are available for both domestic and international deliveries. These range from a 150kg mini-pallet through to full size, heavyweight pallets weighing up to 1,200kg.

Size is as important as weight when it comes to palletised deliveries, and you must ensure that your goods are securely packaged and fit within the pallet dimensions quoted by Palletways. You might like to use plastic pallet wrapping for extra peace of mind.