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Home to around ten million people, Portugal is a beautifully diverse country that has always been one of the top holiday destinations for British tourists. Whether they're heading to Portugal in order to soak up the sun in the Algarve, or looking for a blend of history and culture in Lisbon and Porto, there really is something for everyone in the country. It's because of everything Portugal has to offer that thousands of Brits have headed to Portugal to live.

As well as being a great holiday destination, Portugal has also become a top trade partner with the UK. In fact, only Spain, Germany and France do more trade with the country, meaning there's a constant demand to send goods back and forth between the UK and Portugal. With such a large and reliable trade partnership, it's no surprise that companies and individuals are always looking for cost-effective ways to send parcels to Portugal. Ultimately it means that every single day of the year, round the clock, parcels are being delivered from the UK to Portugal.

At ParcelBroker, we can provide you with a cost-effective and stress-free way of sending your parcel to Portugal with our door to door service. In fact, our services are available right across Europe. We're able to keep our costs so low because, thanks to our experience in the industry, we've managed to build up a series of strong links in Portugal. That means there's not a corner of Portugal we're unable to reach, right from the beautiful palaces at Sintra to coastal villages such as Carvoeiro in the Algarve and beyond.


Do I need to deal with customs when sending from the UK to Portugal?

The short answer is no. Due to the fact both the UK and Portugal are currently member states of the European Union, any parcel sent to Portugal is not subject to any interference from customs. As the UK is currently planning to leave the European Union however, circumstances could be liable to change. At ParcelBroker, we'll keep you fully updated with any changes and ensure you're made fully aware of them if they come into force.

How much does it cost to send a parcel from the UK to Portugal?

The amount it costs to send your parcel will depends on which courier to portugal you use. Our basic door-to-door service is available from only £11.99 + VAT with FedEx. We also offer extras including next day delivery and insurance to protect any valuable packages.

How should I address my parcel for delivery to Portugal?

Portugal uses a specific postcode type that establishes the town and the territorial subdivision. These are divided into two sets of numbers separated by a hyphen. The first part of the postcode, which establishes the town or the city, is made up of four digits. The second part, which establishes the territorial subdivision, is made up of three digits. If you're at all unsure before sending your parcel, make sure to thoroughly check the address.


How much will I save?

Parcel Weight Parcelforce ParcelBroker Savings
5kg £36.95 +VAT £22.77 +VAT £14.18 Save 38%
10kg £49.95 +VAT £22.77 +VAT £27.18
Save 54%
20kg £60.95 +VAT £24.22 +VAT £36.73
Save 60%

Prohibited Items

What items can I send to Portugal?

You're allowed to send any item to Portugal that isn't either prohibited or restricted. Most countries have similar guidelines in place and Portugal is no exception. Rules state that items containing ivory and animal skins are strictly prohibited, along with plants and certain food items. If you're at all unsure about sending an item to Portugal, get in touch with HM Revenue and Customs and they should be able to provide you with some clarification.