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As one of our nearest neighbours, Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland, remains a regular and popular business partner for the UK, and there are thousands of pallet deliveries made between the two countries on any given day.

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We have some of the finest pallet delivery couriers in the business working with us to get you a great deal on your delivery. We only deal with couriers that make efficient and regular pallet deliveries to and from the Republic of Ireland, and who can guarantee an affordable price. We have been a part of the pallet delivery industry for a long time now, and have built up excellent relationships with our fleet of couriers. This means we are able to obtain their services at a significant discount, which we then pass onto you.

Our website is quick and easy to use. Simply enter a collection address for your pallet and an address for its destination in the Republic of Ireland, along with the weight and size of the pallet itself. Our specially-designed search engine will then search pallet deliveries to the Republic of Ireland in real time, finding you the very best deal.


How should I address my pallet delivery to the Republic of Ireland?

Once your pallet has been securely wrapped and is ready for transit to the Republic of Ireland, be sure that your have clearly marked the recipient’s address on the postage label, and that you have formatted it correctly. Luckily, the Republic of Ireland uses the same formatting for postal addresses as the United Kingdom, so it shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Are there restricted items that I may not send to Ireland?

There are no restricted items specific to the Republic of Ireland, as it is a member state of the European Union and there are currently agreements in place for free movement of goods among member nations.

However, some items remain restricted, no matter their country of origin or their intended destination. This includes counterfeit currency, live animals, weapons and associated ammunition, illegal narcotics and so on. HMRC can provide a full list of prohibited items.


How much do pallet deliveries from the UK to the Republic of Ireland cost?

Pallet deliveries to the Republic of Ireland are very reasonable. Being one of the closest neighbour nations to the UK, there is a regular flow of cargo between the two countries, meaning that there is considerable competition between the various pallet delivery couriers. This tends to drop the cost of pallet delivery across the board, leading to better value for you.

Customs Information

Will I have to deal with customs when I make a pallet delivery to the Republic of Ireland?

Since the Republic of Ireland is part of the European Union, you are not required to pass your pallet delivery through HM Revenue and Customs. It remains useful, however, to attach a notice to the pallet, informing the recipient of its weight, dimensions and contents.