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Germany is one of the UK’s most important trading partners, constituting around 10% of our country’s annual exports and 15% of imports. With such a large volume of goods moving between the two countries there are fast and well-used transport links in place.

Germany is a very important destination for UK goods and services, and ParcelBroker makes it easy to send parcels to any German destination.

You can seamlessly integrate international deliveries into your eCommerce platform using the Parcelbroker WooCommerce plugin. This makes it easy to find and book the cheapest services direct from your WordPress page, helping you save time and money.

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Why ParcelBroker?

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Looking to send a parcel to Germany? Send with us and you’ll get the best rates - we consolidate all our deliveries, allowing us to negotiate excellent prices that major carriers don’t offer when you go direct. We use fast, reliable and trusted delivery services for all our parcels to Germany, so why pay more?

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Fed up with other carriers? We’re a breath of fresh air - every customer is important to us, and we make sure that whether you’re sending one parcel to Germany or a thousand, you’re completely satisfied with our service. There are no automated lines or call centres here; we know how important good communication is to the transport industry, so you’ll speak directly with our team.

Simple booking process

Our booking process is straightforward and to the point, so you can get the services you need, when you need them. Simply choose the best rate for the service you need, fill in your details, and schedule your delivery to Germany - spend less time sending, and more time selling.

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Germany FAQs

How long does parcel delivery from the UK to Germany take?

Both the UK and Germany are currently members of the EU, meaning there are fast and reliable postal links between the two countries. Most parcels reach Germany in 1-2 days, though some couriers quote delivery times of up to 3 days.

Do I need to deal with customs when sending from the UK to Germany?

Currently, there are no requirements for you to submit customs declarations when sending parcels to Germany. Since both the UK and Germany are EU members, customs systems are closely aligned to provide friction-free borders. However, this is set to change as the UK leaves the EU - ParcelBroker is working hard to keep up with all developments, and will make sure you know as soon as anything changes.

How should I address my parcel to Germany?

Writing German address labels is very similar to writing labels for UK parcels. Begin with the addressee’s name, then street name and number, followed by the city and area code. As always when addressing parcels for a foreign country write your labels using clear block capitals (or even better, print them out). This makes it easier for readers who may not be familiar with English to understand precisely what you’ve written.

What import restrictions are there?

Germany’s import restrictions are much the same as the UK’s, since both countries are members of the EU. However, while you can send goods like prescription medications, aerosols, batteries and perfume within the UK, these cannot be sent overseas.

What items are prohibited from shipping to Germany?

ParcelBroker stipulates that certain goods cannot be carried by our services. This includes items such as weapons, money, tobacco and works of art. Please read our list of prohibited items before scheduling a delivery with ParcelBroker.

Like most countries in the EU, Germany has few specific restrictions on what can be sent into the country (beyond the normal EU rules).

However, it’s important to note that any “material of extreme right, race-oriented, war-provoking nature, or material encouraging aggressiveness towards the free democratic ordinances and establishments” is strictly outlawed unless it is for obviously historical purposes. If anything you’re sending could conceivably be perceived as falling within this definition, be sure to clarify with the authorities what its purpose is.

You should also be aware of ParcelBroker’s prohibited items, to ensure that you’re not sending any materials that aren’t permitted by our shipping policy.