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Send a Parcel from Japan to the UK


If you're planning on hiring a courier to send a package from Japan to the UK, you'll first need to take a few things into consideration. By following the advice provided in this extensive guide, you can ensure that you get every step of the delivery process right, so your package arrives safely and securely at its destination.

Find a reputable courier

It's vital that packages sent over long distances are handled by only the best, most trusted courier services. When looking for the right courier to deliver your parcel from Japan to the UK, make sure you choose a company with a lot of experience in delivering items overseas.

If you're interested in cutting down on delivery costs and simultaneously finding a courier you can really trust, try out the above tool, which has been designed to provide our customers with a list of the best courier services available for this journey.


How should I weigh and measure my package?

The journey from Japan to the UK is very long, and the potential for damages incurred or items lost is higher than when sending items internally across a country. Couriers therefore require precise information about the weight, length and height of a parcel before it is sent.

Failing to provide this information correctly could result in expensive charges. To avoid these unnecessary costs, be sure to carefully measure the height, length and weight of your package and to provide this information for your courier before you hand over your package for delivery.

How long will my parcel take to arrive in the UK?

The period of time a courier service will require to deliver a package from Japan to the UK differs depending on the type of service paid for. While express delivery may take between three and four days, economy delivery will take between five and nine days. Don't forget to factor this into your plans when sending your parcel.

Pricing for importing a parcel from Japan to the UK

Parcel Weight ParcelBroker
5kg £47.97
10kg £47.97
20kg £58.37

Will I need to worry about customs, duty and tax?

Be prepared for your parcel to be subject to customs checks. This process is mandatory when importing a package from Japan to the UK, or anywhere else outside of the EU. When your parcel arrives into the UK, there will be a customs invoice provided along with it, which will detail the value of your shipment, along with its contents.

If you have bought something from Japan, the sender should have covered these expenses, however, be aware that there still may be potential charges. Importing goods above the worth of £390 will mean you will need to pay customs duty. For items worth up to £630, this is 2.5% of the total cost.

To find out more about these charges or customs, duty, and tax, you can either contact the UK government VAT, Customs and Excise Helpline, or you could call one of our team members, who would be happy to help you.

If you're interested in using any of the services offered by Parcel Broker, or to find out more about what's on offer, please contact us today.