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With a picturesque coastline and sweeping mountains, Italy is well-known for its scenery, history and culture. As well as being a popular tourist hotspot, however, Italy is one of Europe’s most significant traders. In addition to having one of the world’s largest GDPs, Italy is considered to have an advanced economy and is a highly industrialised country.

As a leading country in world exports, there is a significant need for import services to the country as well. With over 50% of Italy’s trade being carried out with other EU countries, it’s no surprise that many people are in need of a pallet delivery to Italy.

If you or your business want to send goods to the country, booking a pallet delivery to Italy may be the easiest and most cost-effective way to do it.


How simple is it to send a pallet delivery to Italy?

Arranging a pallet delivery to Italy couldn’t be easier with ParcelBroker. We compile a list of the leading courier services, so you can see which services are available at a glance. You can choose how to have your pallet shipped, how fast you’d like it to get there and whether you’d like it collected from your location.

In addition to this, we’ll provide you with a range of quotes, based on the service you require. With container ports in over 15 Italian locations, including Naples, Livorno, Genoa and Venice, it’s easy to get your shipment to any part of the country.

Once you’ve chosen which courier is right for you, you’ll be able to save time and money by booking directly through ParcelBroker.


Are there customs restrictions when sending a pallet delivery to Italy?

When you send items from the UK to Italy, you shouldn’t need to worry about customs. Due to the free trade agreement between EU countries, a pallet delivery to Italy can be transported and processed quickly.

While you needn’t worry about customs slowing your pallet down, you should be aware that some items are prohibited from being imported to Italy. Restricted items include fine art, while potentially dangerous items, such as narcotics, ammunition or certain electrical items, are also prohibited.

To ensure your pallet will be delivered swiftly, it’s always a good idea to check the relevant list of prohibited items before you book your pallet delivery to Italy.

Prohibited Items

What can you send via a pallet delivery to Italy?

Providing your items aren’t restricted or prohibited, you can send any type of item you need to via pallet delivery to Italy. With standard UK and Euro pallet sizes available, you can use a regular shipping format if this suits your needs. Alternatively, choose a custom pallet size to ensure all your goods are transported in one secure unit.

Whether you need to send a series of shipments to Genoa or a one-off container to Venice, we’ll ensure you have access to world-class shipping services when you book a pallet delivery to Italy. To arrange your shipment now, why not get a low-cost pallet delivery quote?