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Importing parcels from Australia to the UK can be complicated, so it’s important to research carefully beforehand, and consult us if you have any questions. Our useful guide below will take you through the major steps to ensure that your parcel is imported into the UK correctly- sending packages from outside the EU needn’t be as complicated (or as expensive) as you might think- even from halfway around the world!

Getting the right service

One of the crucial things to get right is to use the correct courier. ParcelBroker use major firms such as FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT who are experienced carriers that are able to offer a range of services to make sure your parcel arrives on time, safely, and within your budget: check out our online tool above to get a free quote, with 40-60% discount compared to using those companies directly. Using a carrier which handles deliveries along this route regularly and has a good reputation is generally a good way of ensuring that your package arrives in good condition, but in case of bad luck, it’s important to make sure your delivery is appropriately insured. You will be given the option take out our "extended liability" during the booking process to give you peace of mind in the event that your plans go awry.


How should I package my items?

While every care will be taken with your parcel, it will pass through a number of hands and across continents to arrive at its destination, so it is crucial to ensure that the piece is appropriately packed. Especially for fragile items, it’s important to make sure that there is plenty of secure packing and that delicate items can’t shift around inside the box, which can cause a breakage. It might seem counterintuitive to pack fragile items tightly, but sturdy cardboard will protect from outside pressure.

It’s also important to measure and weigh your box carefully to ensure your quote is accurate. A few centimetres in either direction won’t affect things too badly on a domestic shipment, but incorrect measurements or weight on an international shipment can quickly result in higher fees!

How much does it cost to send a parcel from Australia in to the UK?

ParcelBroker has specialist knowledge and relationships with most major carriers meaning you are able to access some of the best possible prices when deciding to send with us. Due to our negotiated discounted rates, postage costs when importing from Australia to the UK can be as little as £36.37 for a small parcel.

Of course, that price will change depending on what your requirements are, but we should be able to suit your needs regardless. We can offer varying size and weights of parcels, as well as offering express delivery, signed delivery and full tracking. If there are any services you require from us, and you need more information regarding those, simply get in contact with us today.


Pricing for importing a parcel from Australia to the UK

Parcel Weight ParcelBroker
5kg £58.53
10kg £80.43
20kg £98.31

Customs & Duty

All items shipped from Australia and any other country outside of the EU in to the UK must be declared at Customs, and most will be subject to import VAT and duty, depending on the contents. The sender should make sure the shipping or commercial invoice is accurate and clear in order to help your package pass through Customs quickly. On certain delivery services, we can provide an invoice template which can help with this process.

If the package you are sending is worth less than £15, no import VAT or duty is due. If the package is a gift valued at less than £135, no Customs duty is payable. If it is a gift with a value under £39, no import VAT is due either. The exceptions to this are alcohol, tobacco and perfumes, which are liable for excise duty as well as import VAT and customs duty.

The declaration to Customs must classify the goods which are being shipped - finding out the classification code of the goods you are sending can help you to work out in advance how much import VAT and duty you should expect to pay. HRMC’s Trade Tariff tool is the best place to start to find out this information. Alternatively, you can contact us and we'll be more than happy to advise.

If you're planning any shipments from Australia to the UK, the best option is for you to contact us: with a great deal of experience in navigating the field, we're happy to offer guidance to make sure your delivery goes smoothly.