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Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, the Costa del Sol, Andalusia.. all these names have become familiar to Brits. Spain is one of the most popular countries around. More than 300,000 Brits have made their home in Spain, more than any other EU country, with two-thirds of these expats aged over 50.

Brits also make around 13 million trips to Spain per year, spending over £5bn. Going the other direction, Spain imports billions of pounds worth of goods and services from the UK - the two countries are tightly bound both economically and culturally.

This allows parcels to travel quickly and easily between the UK and Spain, so whether you’re sending fishing rods for a trip to Majorca or posting out Christmas presents to your parents’ retirement home in Bilbao, you can send parcels to Spain cheaply and easily with ParcelBroker.

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Spain FAQs

Do I need to deal with customs when sending from the UK to Spain?

No - both countries are currently part of the European Union, so you won’t need to make any customs declarations or fill out any paperwork. The only exceptions are if you send a parcel to Andorra or the Canary Islands, which will require a customs declaration to be filled out. Gibraltar is also included on this list, though it is not officially a Spanish possession.

Once the UK leaves the EU, it is anticipated that customs declarations must be filed when sending parcels to Spain - ParcelBroker will work hard to ensure you’re kept up-to-date with the latest news.

How should I send my parcel for delivery to Spain?

Street addresses work slightly differently in Spain than in the UK. Most notably, the street name is written before the number. You’ll also often use abbreviations to indicate a specific floor or door: for example “8o, 5a” for the 8th floor and 5th door. Here’s an example of a Spanish address:

Sr. D. Alvaro Blanco Ruiz - recipient name
Luna, 10 - 3o - Street, street number and floor number
28300 ARANJUEZ (MADRID) - Postcode and area reference

Postcodes in Spain indicate a general area with the first two digits. In this case, the “28” tells the post handler that this parcel is destined for the Madrid area. The “300” then indicates where in the area it needs to go, in this case to the nearby town of Aranjuez.

Do the Spanish islands count as mainland Spain?

Spain’s many islands such as Menorca, Majorca, Ibiza, Ceuta, Melilla, Tenerife and the Canary Islands must be shipped under specific services. Use our quote calculator to find the best prices for shipping to Spanish islands. Be sure to check that the parcel’s destination is still counted as being within the EU; Gibraltar, the Canary Islands and Andorra are not, and will require a customs declaration to be made.

What import restrictions are there?

Before sending any parcel overseas it’s important to understand what prohibitions there might be at the other end. Spain’s own international post restrictions are fairly similar to the UK’s preventing the use of the postal system to send things like firearms, hoverboards and hazardous chemicals. You should also be aware of ParcelBroker’s prohibited items, to ensure that you’re not sending any materials that aren’t permitted by our shipping policy.