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Richly varied in culture, climate and even geography, it's no surprise that Spain is one of the most popular destinations for British tourists year after year. Offering something for everyone, whether it's the flavours of the local tapas food, unspoilt beaches or even high quality La Liga football, it's quite easy to see why so many former British nationals are choosing to call Spain their home.

Over the years, Spain has also become one of the most important trade partners the UK has, and thanks to Spain having the fifth largest economy in Europe, demand for shipping goods between the two countries has never been higher. As the sixteenth largest importer in the world, companies and individuals alike are always looking for cost effective ways to send parcels to mainland Spain.

With excellent and reliable trade links already set up in Spain, British companies are able to supply products directly to consumers within the country. Thanks to those excellent relationships, and the fact that Spain has historically been an easy country to do business with, it's never been easier to ship goods to Spain.

Whatever you need to send from the UK to Spain, whether that be to mainland, the Balearic islands or Canary islands, we can help you ensure your package is always in safe hands. Whether you're sending a package for personal or business reasons, at ParcelBroker we provide a range a courier services and have a great customer service team on hand so you can rest assured your package will be delivered in a safe and timely manner. We have built up an extensive range of contacts with parcel couriers right across Europe, giving you a completely hassle-free way to send a parcel to Spain.


Do I need to deal with customs when sending from the UK to Spain?

Both the UK and Spain are currently member states of the European Union. That means deliveries between the two countries can pass without customs being involved at all. As you may be aware however, the UK is in the process of leaving the EU, meaning customs regulations may be subject to change. At ParcelBroker, we provide a range of couriers to Spain and will always make sure that you're fully informed at all times should any new laws surrounding customs come into place.

How much does it cost to send a parcel from the UK to Spain?

As with all of our services there are a range of options when it comes to sending a parcel to Spain. So the cost will change depending on your individual circumstances. For a straightforward door to door delivery prices start from £11.99 + VAT. If time is of the essence, we're able to provide you with next day delivery and there are also various insurance options available. Get all of this in 3 easy steps: Quote, book and checkout. 

How should I send my parcel for delivery to Spain?

It's a good idea to check the address thoroughly before you send your parcel to Spain. The address is formatted using a five digit postal code. There is also a specific way to include the street name along with the house and building number, so be sure to do all your checks prior to shipping your parcel.

Postage costs to spain can vary greatly depending on the carrier you wish to use, however, ParcelBroker always focus on providing cheap parcel delivery to Spain with the world's best couriers to provide you with an excellent service.


How much will I save?

The cost of sending a parcel to Spain will vary depending on which courier to Spain you wish to use on our site and how soon you want your item to get there. All transit times are displayed clearly when going through our booking process.

Parcel Weight Parcelforce ParcelBroker Savings
5kg £36.95 +VAT £16.86 +VAT £20.09 Save 54%
10kg £49.95 +VAT £16.86 +VAT £33.09
Save 66%
20kg £60.95 +VAT £18.76 +VAT £42.19
Save 69%

Prohibited Items

What items can I send to Spain?

You are able to send any items to Spain that aren't specifically prohibited or restricted. Spain has a number of prohibited items including animal skins, plants and ivory. Additionally you are unable to send any alcoholic beverages to Spain, or toys and games containing copper sulphate. For a full list of what you are unable to send to Spain, consult the Spanish customs authority website.

If you need help booking online or wish to view our full list of prohibited items visit our help centre here: