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Portugal has a lot of close connections with the United Kingdom due to the large amount of expatriates that now live out there. There is also a high number of trade links between the countries, with many British people expecting to be able to buy their home comforts whilst away on holiday or after moving abroad/retiring. Due to this, there are a great many pallet delivery services able to offer excellent value for courier services to Portugal. On our site, we've brought together the most reliable, cheapest and fastest pallet couriers.

Our couriers deliver to all the main towns and cities in Portugal, including Lisbon, Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Amadora, Braga and Coimbra. Whether you need your pallet taken to a heavily populated city and have a detailed address, or you're looking to send something to a more isolated location in the countryside, we've got you covered.


How should I address my pallet to Portugal?

When writing your address on your pallet, it's worth remembering the system which addresses adhere to in Portugal. It's not really different from the system we follow in the UK; on the first line should be the recipient's name, followed by their street name and house/building number on the second line, followed by their postal code and territorial subdivision on the third line, followed by the country (Portugal) on the fourth line.

Are there any items I can't send

Whilst Portugal does have some more relaxed laws, this doesn't mean they're any less stringent than other countries when it comes to customs regulations. Before you send your pallet, ensure it doesn't include anything on the restricted items list as this can catch some suppliers out. Items on there that might not be expected include toys and games with any level of copper sulphate in them and erasers that look like food.


Will sending a pallet delivery to Portugal cost a lot of money?

Our site has managed to foster excellent relationships with our couriers, meaning the prices we offer for pallet delivery to Portugal are amongst the best available online. Currently, sending a full pallet from London to Lisbon using our couriers can cost around £200, which equates to savings of around 60% when compared with going direct to one of our carriers.

Customs Information

Do I need to think about customs?

As things stand currently, both Portugal and the UK are members of the European Union, and as a result, there are not any restrictions in place when it comes to free trade. This is helpful when you're organising pallet delivery to Portugal, as it means there aren't any long waits for customs checks to worry about when trying to send over your items.

A simple process

Using our pallet delivery comparison site is easy. Just enter the address details into our calculator for both collection and delivery, the dimensions of your pallet and the weight of your pallet. Using the site, you'll then be able to browse through the best available prices for your pallet delivery, and pick your courier based on their reviews, cost and speed of delivery.

Customers are repeatedly impressed by the low prices they're able to find on our site, and wonder how we're able to get such excellent rates for the people who choose our site for pallet delivery. To put it simply, we've been in the comparison business for a while now, which means our customers are able to benefit from our brand loyalty. By building up solid relationships with some of the world's fastest, safest couriers, we're able to save money on our overheads, and we then pass these savings onto our customers.