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For years, Germany has stood as one of the great industrial powerhouses of Europe. As such, the development of their infrastructure has relied on providing access to heavy goods vehicles shipping pallets from countries like the UK through the Channel Tunnel.

Today, ParcelBroker stands as one of the most reliable pallet delivery services between the UK and Germany, using the world's best couriers like DHL, TNT and DPD to deliver large and heavy parcels across the country's 16 states including its major cities of Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich.

To find the best quote for your pallet, just enter the delivery and collection address on our website, along with the pallet's dimensions and weight. We will then scan the very latest prices to find the best deal to suit your needs.

With a range of options available to suit your requirements, delivery costs can prove to be better value than you may think, with prices often starting at £50 for a 60kg pallet. Along with signature tracking and the option for added insurance, you can enjoy peace of mind and personal service when sending your pallets with ParcelBroker.


Do I need to deal with customs when posting pallets from the UK to Germany?

As Germany is part of the European Union, there is mainly an unrestricted movement of goods between the UK and Germany. This means that pallet deliveries are quick and easy thanks to no customs clearance centres. This also means that no extra charges are incurred through transit. With no import charges for your recipient to pay, commercial deliveries have become a cost-effective way of sending goods between the UK and Germany.

How should I address the pallet for delivery to Germany?

Once your pallet has been securely wrapped for delivery, it is ready to be labelled with an address. Preferably, addresses should be written in capital letters for legibility and a five-digit postcode should be included to ensure that it reaches the correct destination. Also, make sure that the address is written in the middle of the label and attached to the pallet on one of its sides.


How much does it cost to send a pallet from the UK to Germany?

Through ParcelBroker, costs are kept low thanks to our experience with Germany's courier services. Shipments can be arranged for any of the country's 16 states, however, the weight, types of goods being shipped and destination will determine the exact cost.

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Prohibited Items

What items can I send to Germany?

There are some import restrictions set in place by the German Customs Authority, many of which are common, including the prohibition of sending weapons, Lithium batteries, guns or live trees and plants. Other items also include drugs, fireworks, instruments of torture, food, animals and counterfeit goods.

Whilst these restrictions may seem obvious, others may be a little more surprising, like the transport of toy guns being prohibited. Consequently, if you are in doubt about the contents of your pallet, err on the side of caution and check with customs.