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Spain is the fifth largest economy in the Eurozone and the UK’s tenth largest export market, worth over £13.5 billion a year. The country also provides an easy entry route into Latin America, making it particularly popular for UK businesses looking to export their products further afield.

ParcelBroker can arrange for pallets to be delivered to key Spanish ports, including Barcelona, Valencia and Cádiz, providing easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. Pallets can also be shipped to the Madrid-Barajas Air Freight Facility, which is Spain’s largest airfreight terminal. For exports destined for the domestic Spanish market, deliveries can be arranged direct to key industrial areas, including Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

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ParcelBroker only work with select pallet delivery couriers across Europe. This not only allows us to maintain quality standards, it also increases our buying power, to ensure we provide the most reliable services at the best value prices.

You can use our website to find the best price for your next Spanish pallet shipment. Simply enter your pallet's weight and dimensions, along with the collection and shipping address, and we’ll scan all available couriers to find the best possible deal.


Do I need to deal with customs when sending pallets from the UK to Spain?

Because Spain is part of the European Economic Area, there is an existing free trade agreement between the Spanish and UK economies, so no customs clearance is required and no import tariffs have to be paid. This also helps speed up delivery, ensuring your pallets arrive on time, without the risk of being held up by the customs process.

How should I address a pallet from the UK to Spain?

Addresses should be written in a similar style to UK addresses, with a couple of exceptions. Firstly, the destination country should be written on the last line in capital letters. The postcode and delivery town should be written on the same line, also in capitals. If the delivery town is different to the province, the province should be written in brackets, lowercase, next to the town.

Your delivery address should be formatted like the example below:

  • Sra Isabella Rodríguez
  • Mimbreras 4
  • 03235 ELCHE (Alicante)


How much does it cost to send a pallet to Spain?

The price quoted depends on the size of the pallet and its destination, but because Spain has some of the most advanced transport infrastructure in Europe, along with plenty of competition amongst couriers for your business, you can be sure to get the best possible price for your delivery. Delivery times will vary depending on destination - Spain is a large country with many potential access ports, so quoted delivery times can be anywhere from 36 hours to seven days.

Prohibited Items

What items can I send to Spain?

Spain has a number of import limitations which affect textiles and some farm products, along with weapons and defence equipment. These types of items must be accompanied by a community vigilance document, a certification document or an import licence.

The following items are also prohibited: ivory products, toys which contain copper sulphate, asbestos, narcotic drugs, and any chemicals which can be used to make dangerous drugs or psychotropic substances. This is far from a complete list, so please consult with HM Revenue & Customs before sending any potentially dangerous products.