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Send a Pallet to Spain with ParcelBroker

Spain has one of the largest economies in Europe and is a crucial trading partner with the UK, with Britain currently exporting £16.1billion worth of goods and services there per year. Spain is also home to the largest number of UK expats of any country in the EU; around 300,000 British citizens live in the Iberian nation.

Because of the close business and cultural ties between Spain and the UK, it is important that pallets can be shipped between the two countries with minimal fuss. ParcelBroker ships pallets to all the key industrial regions in Spain, including Madrid and Barcelona, quickly and cheaply.

Send pallets to Spain from just £18.52 + VAT

How to Book a Pallet Delivery to Spain

Fill out our online order form with your pallet information. Select from a variety of standard sizes or enter specific dimensions.
We’ll display a range of quotes from our couriers. All the information you need will be listed here, including estimated delivery times, prices and any further requirements.
Decide on the service you need, then select “Book Now” to select a collection date. We’ll need you to provide details on the pallet’s contents and value, and choose any additional cover required.
Before completing your booking we’ll ask you to sign in to your ParcelBroker account, or to register if you don’t already have one. This takes less than 60 seconds, and helps us provide a high level of service to all our customers.
After final confirmation of your order details, we’ll take payment in your preferred method - on account, via PayPal or through a credit/debit card.
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How to prepare the pallet for shipping to Spain?

Ensure that your goods do not overhang the edge of the pallet base. This can lead to damage which will not be covered, as well as additional charges for more delivery space.
Palletised goods must be made fast with shrink wrapping, ratchet straps, rope or banding. The pallet may be re-loaded up to 8 times during delivery, and must be stable; take care to avoid packing a top-heavy pallet.
Ensure that your goods are given sufficient protection against damage by wrapping them in bubble wrap, cardboard, polystyrene, or other packaging materials.
Pallets may be stacked to maximise usage of space in delivery vehicles. If this is not appropriate for your goods, ensure that this information is displayed on the outside of the pallet.
Engine parts and gearboxes must be shipped through our dedicated delivery service - call us on 0871 288 5741 for a quote.

What size pallet will I need?

When you ship a pallet to Spain with us, you only pay for the services you need. Check the height of your pallet against this chart to see which delivery option you’ll require. Particularly heavy pallets can still be shipped, but will need the attention of our team; simply get in touch with us to arrange your oversized pallet delivery.

1/4 Pallet
Max Weight - 250kgs
Max Height - 80cm

pallet with goods showing quarter pallet

1/2 Pallet
Max Weight - 500kgs
Max Height - 110cm

pallet with goods showing half pallet

Full Pallet
Max Weight - 1000kgs
Max Height - 200cm

pallet with goods showing full size pallet

Spain FAQs

Do I need to deal with customs when shipping a pallet from the UK to Spain?

As Spain and the UK are both currently member states of the EU, there is no need to deal with customs when shipping a pallet to Spain. This means your goods can pass into Spain quickly and easily with no import tariffs. However, as the UK is set to leave the EU soon, this arrangement could change. ParcelBroker will keep you abreast of the latest developments.

Can I send an engine or gearbox to Spain?

Yes, but only on a special service dedicated for these types of goods. These goods cannot be shipped via the pallet services displayed on our website. To get a quote, please contact our team on 0871 288 5741 or email us via the contact page on our website.

Can you order a pallet delivery to be collected at the weekend?

Our couriers offer business-day collections and deliveries, but not weekend collections.