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Send a Parcel from Hungary to the UK


If you need to send a package from Hungary to the UK, there are a few things you'll want to consider first. Using this guide, you can find out everything you'll need to know to ensure that your parcel gets safely to its destination.

When sending any package over a long distance, it's vital that you entrust a reputable courier service with your parcel. Be sure to select a courier who has a lot of experience delivering items over long distances. To find a courier you can trust and to cut down on the cost of your delivery, use the above tool, which will allow you to compare the variety of different courier services available to you for this journey. This will ensure that your package is safe across every element of the delivery process, all the way from Hungary to the UK.

Carefully weigh and measure your package

When sending items across the world, couriers require precise information about the weight, length and height of your parcel. If you fail to provide the right information about the size of your parcel, you may be charged unnecessary and expensive fees. Avoid this by taking the time to carefully weigh and measure your package before handing it over to your courier for delivery.


Did you write the correct address?

When you hand your parcel over to your chosen courier service, you're going to want to ensure that it will be sent to the right destination. Make sure that to check that you've written the correct address on the packaging label of your parcel, ensuring that you use a five digit postal code.

How long will my parcel take to arrive in the UK?

The amount of time a courier service will take to deliver your package from Hungary to the UK will differ depending on the type of service you've paid for. While an express delivery can make it to its destination in around a day, economy delivery may take around four days. Make sure to take this into consideration when deciding on the date you plan to send your parcel.

Pricing for importing a parcel from Hungary to the UK

Parcel Weight ParcelBroker
5kg £20.06
10kg £22.06
20kg £27.79

Will I need to worry about customs, duty and tax?

Hungary and the UK are both currently members of the EU, and, therefore, you don't need to worry about obtaining clearance for your shipment from Hungary to the UK. However, don't forget that on all carriage charger for shipments in the EU, you'll still need to pay VAT.

You'll also need to ensure that all of the items in your package meet the requirements of the law, and don't contain any prohibited or restricted objects To find out more about what you can and can't send from Hungary to the UK, visit our page on prohibited items.

At ParcelBroker, we offer our customers with a wide selection of experienced couriers who deliver packages all across the world. If you're interested in using our services to send your parcel from Hungary to the UK, or to find out more, contact us today.