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With a landmass of nearly four million square miles, Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. As well as bordering the USA, Canada also has coastline on the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. As well as being one of the largest countries in the world, Canada is highly industrialised and has a significant import and export trade.

As a result, there is significant demand for international shipping services to the area and many people want to book a pallet delivery to Canada. Fortunately, the number of carriers providing these services ensures that you can obtain cost-effective shipping, regardless of what you need to send to the country.


How quickly can you arrange a pallet delivery to Canada?

Booking a pallet delivery to Canada only takes a matter of minutes when you use ParcelBroker. As well as getting access to cheap shipping rates, you can benefit from our secure online booking facilities. This means that you can access courier services from some of the biggest companies, such as UPS, DHL, DPD and FedEx, at much less than you’d expect to pay if you were to go direct.

With carriers shipping goods to Canadian destinations including Victoria, Montreal, Halifax and Vancouver, it’s easy to find a service which meets your needs.

When it comes to booking a pallet delivery to Canada, you might be surprised at just how quickly your goods can be delivered. The most economical services tend to take upwards of 10 days, which isn’t long when you consider the distance covered! If you need to book an urgent pallet delivery to Canada, you can always opt for an express services. With carriers often able to transport goods in just 2-3 days, air freight services can ensure that your pallet arrives quickly and efficiently.


Facilitating your pallet delivery to Canada

Sending your goods to an international location shouldn’t just be low-cost, it should be easy too. When you’re booking a pallet delivery to Canada, make sure the carrier you choose facilitates the type of collection you need.

Want your pallet collected from your home or business address, for example? There are plenty of couriers who will be happy to arrange this and it’s often included in the price you’re quoted as well. Need to arrange multiple pallet collections in upcoming weeks? Book in advance to make sure you get the best service and the cheapest rates available.

Customs Information

Meeting customs requirements when sending a pallet delivery to Canada

Although Canada is a large country with many rural areas, it has a well-planned infrastructure. 13 international airports and over 10 container ports in the country means that it’s easy for carriers to get your pallet to the right destination.

Before your pallet can reach its recipient, however, the accompanying documents will be examined by customs to ensure that the goods can enter the country. With plenty of help available, you’ll find it easy to ensure your documents meet the relevant requirements.

Remember – sending your shipment without the appropriate customs paperwork will result in your delivery being seized or delayed. To ensure your consignment is processed quickly, make sure you’ve included the requisite information and that officials can access it easily. Adding a document pouch to your pallet enables officials to examine your paperwork without opening boxes or unpacking the pallet, for example.

To access the lowest shipping rates for a pallet delivery to Canada, get your quote now.