Latest News from ParcelBroker

  • Tour De France

    - 03 Jul 2014

    Stage 3 of the cycle race will be commencing on Monday the 7th of July, in a route that will see many diversions and delays from Cambridge to London.

    We are lucky enough for the race to be passing by our very own head office of operations but this does mean everybody needs to be on site before 6am to avoid the road closures!

    If your parcel collection or delivery is near the route of any of the Tour De France stages, we would appreciate it if you could be understanding and patient if there are adverse effects to the courier services surrounding the area.

  • French Air Traffic - Strike Action

    - 23 Jun 2014

    Please be aware that the French Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) have called industrial action resulting in delays and cancellations of flights through France. Be advised that this can affect planes travelling via France and have a knock on effect to other airports. Please be prepared to accept that some parcels and freight could be delayed due to this strike action.

    Unfortunately as the situation is classified as "Force Majeure" there is no compensation being offered by the carriers or Parcel Broker for delays.

    The actions is expected to last from June 24th to June 30th 2014.

  • New Feature for Drop Shippers

    - 19 Feb 2014

    We have a great new feature for drop shippers, resellers and businesses' requiring a different origin address to be shown on their shipping labels.

    If you are sourcing products from different companies around the UK and wish us to collect direct from their location and ship direct to your end customer, then we have a great shipping feature to protect the address of your suppliers and ensure your end customer won't go direct!

    When using our online parcel delivery services, our system will give you the option to save one or more alternative sender addresses, this can be your trading or company name etc. These pre-paid shipping labels can be forwarded by e-mail to your supplier so they can affix them to your goods. Our couriers will then collect your parcels and deliver them to your customers. On arrival your customer will only see the senders full address that you've nominated for that delivery!

    If you wish to have this feature set up on your account please contact us today.

  • Ticket Fraud Warning

    - 23 Oct 2013

    Unfortunately sometimes people use the ParcelBroker brand to create fake websites and trick people into scams. Please be assured that any scams that are currently ongoing are being addressed with the correct authorities and every effort is being made to shut down them down.

    We are currently aware of a fraudster using CraigsList to sell fake tickets for events.

    This scam is mainly targeted to people in the United States in which they ask the user to transfer a large sum of money via Western Union on the promise they will receive the tickets.

    They con the user into thinking the purchase is being made via EasyParcelOnline Canada and ParcelBroker (the user believes they are making payment to ParcelBroker) and that we will also deliver the tickets. The fake website they direct you to is (please DO NOT use this website) and is in no way connected to or affiliated with ParcelBroker.

  • Hurricane Sandy Causing Transit Delays

    - 30 Oct 2012

    Severe weather is creating some unavoidable delays on the East coast of the USA.  Please ensure you plan ahead and account for these delays prior to shipping your parcel. 

  • Greek General Strike

    - 18 Oct 2012

    A nationwide 24hr General Strike will take place today across Greece.  Due to this strike, no deliveries can be made to the following sectors who are all participating:  The public sector, including Banks, Media, Courthouses, Lawyers, Public Doctors, Pharmacists, Educational institutions and Public transportation.

    There will be an increase in traffic congestion on all major roads due to protests and demonstrations.  Please note that the carriers will be making every effort to deliver parcels and pallets today but please expect delays.

  • Shipping of Engines or Components containing Oil

    - 09 Jul 2012

    Memorandum to all customers dealing in Auto/Marine Spares: Movement of Engines, Gearboxes, Driveshaft’s and other similar components having contained oil, fluids and fuel.

    Whilst our Pallet services offer the valuable facility of being able to move used vehicle components, increasing issues with items not being fully drained of oils and fluids are occurring.

    If these components are not drained fully the fluids can leak causing damage to vehicles, sortation equipment and other clients goods. There are also environmental issues to consider. If damage is caused to other clients consignments or if a clean-up operation is required the costs must be recovered from the account holder.

    Please can you ensure that in respect of the UK and European road transit services, all fluids are drained thoroughly, if possible use a flush. Then the items should be sufficiently plugged or wrapped in a watertight plastic bag before being strapped to the pallet.

    Any Worldwide or European services where air transit is used to move these components require a decontamination certificate or declaration signed by a professional cleaning company or mechanic. Decontamination involves flushing the components to remove all traces of oil/fuel and a steam clean or similar to ensure the engine is clean outside.

    Thank you for your understanding and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • UPS Collection Cut-offs for UK Deliveries

    - 06 Jul 2012

    UPS have requested all collections requests for UK deliveries are made by 12 noon.  This means we'll need to receive your bookings by 11:45am at the latest to ensure we can schedule you a same day collection.  If you are sending outside the UK to European or Worldwide destinations then the later collection slots apply.  If you are sending an international parcel on the same day as a UK parcel you can benefit from the later collection cut-off. 

    The collection postcodes in the UK that have early cut-off restrictions already will remain the same.  If you'd like to check if your postcode has an early cut-off please use our contact page to request a postcode check.

  • United Kingdom Customs Strike 10 May.

    - 09 May 2012

    United Kingdom Customs will be on strike next Thursday 10 May 2012 for 24 hours.

    The strike is likely to be widely observed by all Customs unions (officers and management) and relates to a pension age dispute.

    The impact will be limited to packages selected by Customs for import or export inspection or document check on Wednesday 9 May 2012 where the packages arrive 10 May 2012.It is quite likely these will get an additional 1 day delay in transit as there will be no officers on the ground to do the inspection work on strike day and it will be done on their return on 11 May.

    There is no workaround. Customs do not expect any of their officers to break the strike and we cannot release inspections until they have inspected them.

  • New "Business" services added!

    - 13 Jan 2012

    If you're sending goods to a business address in the UK or Europe, then we have some exciting news for you!

    We've slashed the costs of services into Europe and the UK for deliveries to business addresses with UPS, from Northampton to Norway you'll have a hard time finding better rates and service from us!

  • DHL Service Update

    - 02 Jan 2012

    DHL Express will no longer be offering their International services for non-commercial or private users. This decision has affected ALL Internet brokers. In response to this action we have signed contracts with alternative carriers to ensure you are provided with the most competitive and reliable services in the marketplace.

    Customers using our services for business use only will be inducted into the "Premium Business Programme" – The program will be introduced to our existing regular business customers within the next 24 hours.

    If you have any questions or wish to apply please contact us.

  • Latest News Page Launched!

    - 01 Jan 2012

    We have a new addition to our site - Latest News!

    This page will be used to keep our customers informed of any updates or changes to our site and will also be used to indicate any service updates or disruptions.