3 Tips for Packaging Multiple Items in the Same Box

When a customer orders several different items, it's more convenient for everyone to package them in the same box.

It's important to remember, however, that packaging different items in the same box requires some forethought to get the best result. Doing so allows for more efficient delivery, money savings, and happier customers. So, it's worth understanding how to do it to a high standard.

Keep these tips in mind when shipping multiple items of the same order in one package.

Plan ahead

When it comes to packaging, the devil is in the detail. You may be used to packing items a certain way, but if you suddenly have several different sized items going into the same box, it can be a challenge. This is where it pays to invest some time in considering how you pack the box.

Make sure the box itself can comfortably handle the weight of all the items. It's a good idea to not exceed around 30lbs for the total weight of the box, if possible.

Pack tightly

Empty space is your enemy when it comes to safely packing goods. Any empty space will allow the items to move during shipping, potentially causing damage. Use high-quality packing peanuts, foam, bubble wrap - even scrunched up paper can be an effective buffer against movement.

Once you've done that, double check the package. You want to make sure everything on the order form is present. It's important you do this at this stage, rather than waiting for the client to receive it and find something missing.

Inform your courier

Make sure that you tell your courier service that multiple items are contained within the same parcel. It's not good enough to say it's "X's order", they will need a detailed list of all the items that are in the box. This is to make sure everyone has the necessary information, should the package be lost or damaged.

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