More Courier Firms Offering Same-Day Delivery Services

In response to customer demand, an increasing number of shipping companies and courier firms are now offering same-day deliveries. While same-day shipping services have previously been restricted to large towns and cities, they are now being rolled out across much of the UK.

With many consumers now opting to shop online, eCommerce has had a direct impact on the courier industry. Shipping firms and logistics companies have adapted in recent years and many have expanded in response to increased demand for their services.

In many cases, demand for same-day services comes from consumers. As a result, businesses are generally shipping parcels via these services, rather than pallets or containers. The sheer number being shipped means that same-day delivery services are offering a significant return on investment for well-known couriers, such as UPS, FedEx, TNT and DHL.

Is there still demand for cheap parcel delivery?

While many consumers are willing to pay more for a same-day delivery service, courier firms are still bringing in revenue from cheap shipping services. With many couriers offering economy services, items can be shipped around the world for as little as a few pounds.

As many countries improve their end-to-end delivery systems, the scope for cheap parcel deliveries is increasing more than ever before. Of course, shipping firms have been quick to recognise this and many international couriers are now partnering with local and regional firms across a variety of countries.

Giving the customer what they want

Although some customers may opt for a cheap parcel delivery, most consumers like to see a choice of shipping options when they’re shopping online. If businesses are able to offer same-day, next-day and economy shipping services, they have more chance of completing a sale and retaining the customer.

In addition to this, the option to use low-cost services from big brands such as TNT, FedEx, DX, DHL and UPS, ensures reliability. With many consumers already familiar with these couriers, they are likely to feel a sense of security if they can arrange delivery with them when shopping online.