4 top tips for packing your clothing parcels

So, your ecommerce clothing store has done its job — caught a shopper’s attention, converted them into a paying customer and made a sale. That’s great, but it’s not the end. The next step, getting your product to your customer, is just as important. Probably more so!

1. Join the fold

This might seem obvious, but folding your product to make sure it arrives looking un-creased and professional is the very first step. If you’re terrible at folding you should consider investing in a shirt folding board (think Sheldon, Big Bang Theory) to get the perfect result every time.

2. Chose your packaging: dress to impress

The standard is to use a clear polyester bag to protect the garment, then to slip this into a parcel that can be labelled. Grey mailing bags are perhaps the most readily available and look both tidy and professional. It’s also worth considering using recyclable packing materials; the eco-friendly trend is capturing the imagination of more and more consumers, why not use it to stand out from the competition?

3. Go the extra mile to decorate your product and parcel

Think of the big brands you’ve ordered from in the past: what’s stopping you from taking advantage of the same techniques? Hang tags, personalised labelling, packing inserts and even branded stickers stuck to the outside of your parcel can add a higher level of professionalism to your ecommerce store. Not only does branding promote your business, but it encourages repeat custom.

4. Consider all shipping options

But first, you need to get your product to your customer! This is possibly the most important step — delivering the product ordered when you say you’ll deliver it develops trust between your customer and your brand. In the age of ecommerce review sites and social media, mistakes can be made very public, very quickly.

One option is to use a cheap parcel delivery broker service like ours that uses some of the biggest names in logistics, such as TNT or FedEx, to ship express at highly discounted rates. These courier services are tracked, and they’re fast. Imagine the review when your customer receives their order in next to no time and looking fantastic!