ParcelBroker API - V1 API Error and Warning Codes

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This section defines all the error and warning return codes that the API can return.

Some of these are only applicable to some API's but have been included here for completeness.

All warnings or errors are returned in the following format:







        <error>Token authentication failed.</error>



Common Response Codes

Code Reason
100 Request not submitted over HTTPS.
105 Request not submitted via POST
110 Variable 'xmldata' is missing or empty.
115 XML markup is invalid.
120 No API method exists for the given root node.
125 Schema validation failed.
130 Header elements not populated.
135 Request with Unique ID has already been submitted.
140 API credentials are not valid.
145 Token authentication failed.
150 Not authorised to use this API
165 General Internal API failure.
166 API Unavailable.

API Specific Response Codes

Code Reason
155 Missing address data information.
160 Incorrect or missing parcel data.
180 No services returned.
185 Country code not found.
190 Missing data.
200 Missing service id.
210 Invalid service.
220 Request service is invalid.
230 Postcode is not valid for country code used.
240 Missing or invalid customs element.
250 Not enough funds in the account to place booking.
260 An unknown error has occurred during the booking process.
270 Requested collection date is invalid.