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Send a Parcel To Turkey


Turkey is a country connecting the Middle East to Europe, sitting between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Turkey has developed into a prominent country, with a significant reach around the world, and is a large producer of electronics for countries in Europe.

Turkey is seen as an important country to trade with, and many countries, including the UK, have a trade relationship with the country. There are many couriers sending parcels every single day to Turkey, so you can be sure that whichever courier you choose, your package will be sent as soon as possible to your desired location.

If you're looking for cheap parcel deliveries to Turkey, then ParcelBroker offers you the opportunity to choose from a range of continental couriers, making the process as stress-free as possible.



Do I need to deal with customs when I send a parcel to Turkey?

Although Turkey isn't a member of the European Union, the country qualifies under the EU Customs Union so there's no need to worry about customs duties when posting your parcels to Turkey.

The EU Customs Union specifies that customs aren't levied on goods travelling between member countries, which means sending parcels to Turkey is covered by this directive.

How much does it cost to post a parcel to Turkey?

ParcelBroker offers you low prices when it comes to sending your parcels to Turkey. We have a range of options available, with plenty of couriers so that your individual needs can be met. Our options offer you the flexibility to choose a range of services when you choosing from one of our many respected couriers to send your parcels to Turkey.

How should I address my parcel for delivery to Turkey?

Addresses in Turkey include a forward slash between the locality and province names on the line second from last. This is somewhat unfamiliar for postal addresses but if this seems confusing, then have a look at the address guide from the Universal Postal Union for more help on how you should address your parcel to Turkey.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Turkey?

Parcel Weight Price
5kg £40.11
10kg £54.92
20kg £77.95

Prohibited Items

What items can I send to Turkey?

The list of prohibited items for delivery to Turkey includes lithium batteries and equipment that uses them, drugs, firearms and meat and dairy products. Make sure you check the full list of prohibited items before sending your parcel to Turkey.

ParcelBroker has built up trust and links with respected couriers who deliver to Turkey. This means we can offer you an affordable and reliable service, making the whole process as straightforward as possible for you. You can use our online ordering system, or contact us today to discuss your specific needs or requirements, so that we can help you deliver your parcel safely and promptly to the required recipient in Turkey.