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Lying between Japan, the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China, the island of Taiwan has one of the largest economies in East Asia. With rapid growth taking place in the wider region, there is increasing demand for delivery and courier services to the country. If you need to send personal or business items to Taiwan or the surrounding areas, ParcelBroker can provide a streamlined door to door service.

Although there are over 6,000 miles between the UK and Taiwan, our delivery partners ensure a fast-paced service, with express deliveries taking between one and three days to arrive at their destination. With four major airports, numerous ports, high-speed inter-city rail services and an extensive road network, your parcel delivery to Taiwan won’t take long to arrive.



What are the customs requirements when sending a parcel delivery to Taiwan from UK?

Like most overseas shipments, your parcel will go through customs when you book a parcel delivery from the UK to Taiwan. Fortunately, our easy booking process means that you can ensure your parcel meets the relevant customs requirements before it’s dispatched.

When booking with ParcelBroker our site will tell you whether you need to specify what items you’re sending and if any customs paperwork is required. If so, you can simply fill out and print off the relevant forms at home and attach them to your shipment without any hassle at all.

Remember – some items are subject to restrictions when it comes to parcel deliveries from the UK to Taiwan so it’s important to check what goods are prohibited before you book a delivery.

How much does a parcel delivery from the UK to Taiwan cost?

When you’re arranging a parcel delivery to Taiwan from the UK, we’ll offer you a range of courier services. This means that you’ll have access to the fastest shipping routes, as well as the lowest prices.

Of course, the exact cost of your shipment will depend on what you need to send via Taiwan parcel delivery and how quickly you’d like to it to arrive. Larger and heavier items do tend to attract a slightly higher fee but we work with specialist delivery firms to ensure you can access low-cost courier services, regardless of what you need to send.

Many of our parcel delivery services even include insurance protection, so you can be sure that your items will arrive in perfect condition. If you’re sending particularly costly items via parcel delivery from the UK to Taiwan, let us know and we’ll provide a range of options with increased insurance protection.

How much will I save?

Parcel Weight Price
5kg £38.97
10kg £38.97
20kg £49.37
Useful information when booking a parcel delivery from the UK to Taiwan

Once you’ve chosen the right delivery service for you and your items, you’ll want to make sure that they’re packaged safely. In addition to this, it’s important to state the recipient’s details as clearly as you can. As well as listing their address on the parcel, it’s always advisable to include a valid telephone number too.

Whether you need to send a one-off parcel to East Asia or arrange regular business shipments to Taiwan, ParcelBroker can help you to find the fastest and most economical service. Why not get a quote today?