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Singapore has a highly developed free-market economy – so well developed, in fact, that it ranks second freest in the 2018 economy index! With an open and mostly corruption-free business environment, it is known as the easiest place in the world to do business. It is no wonder that this nation is one of the most prosperous in the Asia-Pacific region, with huge amounts of goods passing through it every year.

Relying heavily on export and refining imported goods, Singapore is the UK’s largest trade partner in south-east Asia. With a shared language and Commonwealth ties, it remains an attractive destination for UK companies, with over a thousand UK businesses currently representing themselves in Singapore. It also has a sizeable number of British residents – currently around 30,000.

With such strong personal and business links with this prosperous and economically attractive country, it's no wonder that the demand for courier services to Singapore is consistently high. It can be ever so slightly more challenging to ship to Singapore than to Europe, for example. The distance between the two countries – almost 7,000 miles – and customs duties can make shipping expensive. There have also been cases of parcels going missing when not shipped via a fully tracked service. At ParcelBroker, we both ensure the safe delivery of your parcel, and provide you with the best value for money on your shipment. Whether you are sending a personal gift or a commercial shipment, we will make the process effortless.

ParcelBroker deliver international services and have lots of options for sending your parcel from Singapore to the UK.



What is the customs process for delivering my parcel to Singapore?

As Singapore is an independent state, all goods coming into the country are legally required to be accounted for in a customs declaration. Not to worry – we will supply you with all the correct documentation to ensure that your parcel arrives at its destination with no issues.

How do I write the address on my parcel to Singapore?

Generally, addressing your parcel to Singapore is very straightforward, as they follow the same rules as the UK, with a numeric postal code following the city name. For peace of mind, you can consult this handy guide to addressing to Singapore.

How much will I save?

Sending a parcel with ParcelBroker is both efficient and affordable! Our easy and competitively priced online delivery options are only a click away. The exact costs of sending a parcel to Singapore will vary depending on the courier you prefer to use and the size and weight of the shipment.

Have a look at some example pricing below and then enter your parcel’s weight and dimensions at the top of this page to get an instant quote and book online today.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Singapore?

ParcelBroker offer a full delivery service from as little as £23.99+VAT. This is a quick and customisable service, and we will tailor delivery options to any special requirements you may have. Express delivery and tracked and signed delivery are available, as is insurance cover for special deliveries.

Parcel Weight Price
5kg £38.97
10kg £38.97
20kg £49.37

Prohibited Items

What items are restricted or banned from being sent to Singapore?

Singapore have strict restrictions on importing certain goods, particularly alcohol and cigarettes. Certain brands are banned altogether, while others will incur a hefty import tax. It is very important to remember that electronic cigarettes are completely banned in the country, which includes import.

ParcelBroker has longstanding and trusted links with partners in Singapore. With our quick and straightforward online ordering system, sending a parcel to Singapore has never been easier! You can also contact us for any special requirements you may have.