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Send a Parcel To Finland


Despite Finland being the most sparsely-populated country in Europe, there are still plenty of reasons why you might need to send something to those who live there, be it for business or for pleasure - and you want to know that whatever it is that is in your parcel, is getting there safely, in good time, and at an affordable price.This is where we at ParcelBroker come in.

Providing multi carrier parcel delivery services across the country, you are able to take advantage of cheap parcel delivery to Finland whilst resting safely in the knowledge that you will receive the highest levels of customer support possible throughout the delivery service.

Not only do we guarantee excellent delivery services at affordable prices, we also offer discounted parcel delivery to Finland from the UK from some of the world's largest delivery companies (such as DPD and Asendia) that you can book online using our simple booking system. Simply enter the dimensions and weight of your parcel before choosing which type of delivery you would like to opt for - and if you have any questions during the process, our customer service team are always on hand to provide help and support.

You can also track the progress of your delivery in real time, so you will always be able to remain up to date on the status of your parcel. We also offer same day collection on parcels being delivered to Finland, so we are a reliable choice for those last minute deliveries, too.


Do I need to deal with customs when sending from the UK to Finland?

As Finland is a member of the European Union, goods being posted from the UK to Finland do not require customs documentation.

How much does it cost to send a parcel from the UK to Finland?

Sending a parcel from the UK to Finland depends on which service or provider you use, as well as the size and weight of your parcel. Deliveries to Finland from the UK start from around £10.

How should I address my parcel for delivery to Finland?

For all outgoing international items, the name of the destination country, in this case, Finland, must always be clearly stated, in capital letters and preferably in an internationally recognised language on the last line of the address. If you are shipping to a business, the business name and unit need to be clearly placed above the name of the addressee.

For further clarification, please refer to the UPU specifications.

How much will I save?

Parcel Weight Parcelforce ParcelBroker Savings
5kg £43.65 +VAT £16.86 +VAT £26.79 Save 61%
10kg £62.15 +VAT £16.86 +VAT £45.29
Save 73%
20kg £82.15 +VAT £18.76 +VAT £63.39
Save 77%

Prohibited Items

What items can I send to Finland?

In addition to the same list of items that are prohibited from being sent in the UK post, the below items are also prohibited from being sent to Finland:

  • Meat and milk from non-EU countries
  • Products of species protected under the Washington Convention, such as ivory, tortoise shell, and reptile skin
  • Radioactive materials Live animals.

If you are concerned and would like further clarification on what is prohibited from being sent to Finland, contact Finland’s department of customs for more information.