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Send a Parcel To Austria


Austria has gained a reputation for offering a high standard of living, making it hugely popular, both with expats and travellers who are keen to soak up the rich cultural history Austria has to offer. From the alpines to Vienna and beyond, there's something for everyone in Austria, and thanks to its high GDP, it's ranked just outside the top 20 richest countries in the world. 

Home to over 8.6 million people, the Central European country has become one of Europe's biggest traders. With big businesses working out of Austria, the country is ranked first by the World Bank when it comes to trading across borders. With an overall ease of doing business rank within the top 20, it's no surprise that there's a constant demand to send packages to Austria. That constant demand means people are looking for ways to safely and quickly send a parcel, whether they're sending a package to family and friends, or they're looking to send several packages to an Austrian based business. 

With ParcelBroker, you can make sure that your parcel arrives in Austria with minimum fuss. Not only will we take all the stress away from sending a parcel with our door to door service, but we'll do it efficiently and in a way that provides you with a cost-effective solution. Thanks to our experience working within Austria, we've built up a network of contacts, meaning no-matter where you need to send your package to in Austria, we'll be able to deliver it on time.


Do I need to deal with customs when sending from the UK to Austria?

Austria has been a member of the EU since 1995, and with the UK currently being a fellow member, there is no need to deal with customs when sending a package to Austria. In June 2016 however, the UK voted to leave the European Union, which could mean customs will become an issue when sending packages to Austria in the future. If anything changes, we'll be sure to let you know at ParcelBroker.

How much does it cost to send a parcel from the UK to Austria?

Sending a parcel to Austria with us is a cost-effective process. Our service starts from just £13.98 +VAT, so if you're looking to save potentially significant amounts with your parcel delivery, then please don't hesitate to get a quote. Please be aware however, that the price will depend on the exact size and weight of your parcel.

How should I address my parcel for delivery to Austria?

Austria has a fairly straightforward address format. Addresses in Austria use a four digit coding method which is determined by the region, zone, route and post office. When writing out the address, put the four digit code to the left of the locality name. We recommend that you thoroughly check the address before sending your parcel out.

How much will I save?

Parcel Weight Parcelforce ParcelBroker Savings
5kg £43.65 +VAT £16.86 +VAT £26.79 Save 61%
10kg £62.15 +VAT £16.86 +VAT £45.29
Save 73%
20kg £82.15 +VAT £17.17 +VAT £64.98
Save 79%

Prohibited Items

What items can I send to Austria?

Austria have a similar policy in place to the EU when it comes to what items you're allowed to send into the country. They do however, prohibit some specific items such as antlers, horns and hooves. Additionally you're not allowed to send any insects into Austria, whether they're for biomedical research or not. For a full list of Austria's prohibited and restricted items, consult the Austrian customs website.