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What is a Parcel Broker?

Parcel Broker created a platform to consolidate many courier services into one easy to compare list of prices. With transparency at the forefront of our minds, the technology we’ve developed will assess the size, weight and destination of your parcel and cross reference this information with each carriers specific restrictions.

Size limitations, remote area charges, fuel supplements, customs charges and many other shipment related surcharges are calculated in seconds and added to the base freight charge, ensuring the price displayed is the price you’ll pay.

Many courier comparison websites in the UK now refer to their services by our company name "Parcel Broker". They also often use statements like "The UK's largest Parcel Broker", and "The UK's favourite Parcel Brokers". This can often cause confusion for our regular customers and mislead them to click on our competitors websites.

You can always tell if you're on the official Parcel Broker website by looking in the web address bar at the top of your browser. Our official pages will show "" or "".

Unlike some competitors comparison websites, all of our web pages are secured with the latest web security protocols and preceded with https:// which means any data shared with our website is secured by the latest web technologies.

Although we have registered and been granted the official trademark for the words "ParcelBroker" and "Parcel Broker" other courier comparison websites continued to use our trademarks which has unfortunately resulted in the genericisation of our trademark.

When you are looking for very best customer service, selection of couriers and cheapest delivery deals, please make sure you visit the only official Parcel Broker in the UK

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