Frequently Asked Questions: Collection & Delivery

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Failed collection - Driver failed to collect parcel today, what now?

Firstly we apologise for the inconvenience caused when a collection time is not met. You must now email us using our contact page informing us of the failed collection, it is important to state the Parcelbroker order number, collection postcode and the next convenient time for collection. The following morning we will chase the carrier to ensure they call to collect asap.

ParcelBroker have contracts with the main carriers, we forward the discounts we receive onto you the customer. The scripts & programmes pass your booking data directly to the carrier (it's instant) this basically means its the same as you calling the carrier with our contract details and booking it yourself.

When a failed collection occurs, please understand it's not our fault as we have no control over it. However, we do the next best thing and act as soon as possible to emails from our customers who are complaining with regard to the failed collection, and rebook the collection for the next convenient time, or refund the customer if the collection is no longer required.

We understand that we are contracted to you, our customer, therefore our customer must complain to us, we then are obliged to do the same to the carrier where our contract lies.

What time of the day will the driver collect?

During step 4 of booking you will be given a choice of collection dates available. On rare occasions we may contact you to let you know the carrier cannot collect in the time window you have requested, this is usually for remote areas such as Devon, Dumfries & Galloway, and remote areas of the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

Can the collection driver call me before they turn up?

For pallets, yes. For parcels, no unless in exceptional circumstances. In the express parcel industry multi-drop drivers can have over 100 collections and deliveries each day.

They will only use a supplied telephone number when they are having difficulties locating an address.

If this was an optional service then most people would use it meaning that an express courier moving 100,000 parcels per day could effectively have to make this many phonecalls. In an industry with massive competition and the smallest of margins it would mean the difference between making a small profit and a complete loss. Having to call each customer would also use more of a multi-drop drivers time and lead to a loss of productivity.

What is the procedure if there is no one to receive the delivery?

The specified carrier undertakes to deliver to an address specified in the despatch documentation, not to a specific person. If there is no-one present at the address then the carrier will either attempt delivery to a neighbour or return the item to the delivery depot. If this occurs, a customer contact card shall be left at the specified address telling the recipient where to collect their consignment or to re-arrange another delivery time.

What if I cannot wait in all day for my collection?

If you cannot be at the collection address between the hours of 9am and 5pm, your collection may fail. If this happens you will need to let us know – your collection will not take place again automatically.

We understand that it is sometimes impractical to wait in all day but unfortunately we cannot give specific times for collections.

If safe to do so (and at your own risk) you may leave your parcels with a neighbour, or in a secure outside location for collection. If you would like to do this you MUST leave a SIGNED note on your door with clear instructions for the driver. Please be advised that drivers are not obligated to collect parcels from alternative locations or persons, but most won’t mind!

Do you collect and deliver glass and ceramics?

Yes, we can ship your glass and ceramic items. However we do not take any responsibility against damage regardless of how well the item is packaged. So if you want to organise the delivery of wine as a gift, we will be delighted to help but please make sure it is well wrapped so our couriers can deliver it safely.

Do you have a list of items which are prohibited?

Will a 48 hour delivery booked on a Friday arrive on Monday or Tuesday?

Guaranteed to arrive Tuesday at the latest, however a 48 hour delivery means a delivery can take place anytime within 48 hours (excluding weekends) therefore it could arrive on the Monday. If a particular delivery day is requested then you need to book a timed delivery i.e. Next day, by 9, 10 or noon.