Why shipping is key to winning millennials' custom

Having grown up with the internet and shopping online, they’ve got high expectations of the retailers that they use when it comes to security, quality and importantly, shipping. For a generation who can barely remember a time before Amazon Prime, it’s essential to them to receive their purchases in a timely and convenient fashion.

Being able to offer parcel delivery at a low price point without compromising on timeliness or packaging is a sure-fire way to get millennials on board and keep hold of their custom. By doing so, you’ll help to set your eCommerce business apart from the crowd and make sure your customers keep coming back.

Of course, excellent service is important for all of your customers, but older generations will often have lower expectations about pricing and delivery times. It’s still important to keep them happy, but other things like the price point and quality of your products might be more important to that group of people.

Deals on shipping, too, can be a good way to drive a short boost in custom with a younger audience. Under 30s are more likely to make impulsive buys than the older generation, and deals can have a big impact in pushing people towards that.

By offering free shipping you might encourage someone who has had an item languishing in their cart for weeks to bite the bullet and make the purchase. If it’s a purchase they would not otherwise have made or they add extra items to their order, the cost of offering complimentary shipping will soon offset itself.

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