Why less can be more when it comes to packaging

Many businesses severely overlook the impact that packaging has on customers, but it's something that is very tangible and unless you're careful, can be quite negative. One of the most common complaints customers have is that there is too much packaging on their items.

You want your package to reach its recipient in perfect condition, that's a given, but the right answer is better packaging rather than simply using more of it.

Reducing customer frustration

Everyone has experienced that feeling of receiving an item they have been looking forward to, only to have to sometimes spend more than ten minutes getting it out of the packaging. No matter who you are, this always results in negative feelings towards whichever business sent the package.

Safe shipping is always the goal, but using more boxes than necessary isn't the answer. Better quality materials are more of an investment but also provide considerable returns, as they provide a more positive tactile experience for the recipient.

Making your packaging easy to get into shows customers that you have thought about their needs. When a business goes the extra mile for the benefit of a customer's experience, it always encourages brand loyalty.

Improving your green credentials

The way humans are treating the world we live in has come under much scrutiny over the last few decades and it's important that you make the effort to show your business understands that, and that you're taking the appropriate steps to minimise your ecological impact.

This doesn't just mean less packaging, that's a given, it also means the packaging you do use coming from responsibly sourced supplies. Simple packaging that it is clearly marked as being recycled is a great way to further develop customer loyalty.

Regardless of the benefits from the perspective of customer appreciation, it should be in every business' plan of action to reduce their environmental impact in as many ways as possible. Packaging is one of the easiest ways to do this, but it's also one of the simplest and easiest to implement.

With your business' packaging, less really is more.