Using Pallets for Shipping: The Benefits

The best shipping strategies centre on cost, convenience and efficiency. Palletising has long been a favoured method of shipping which makes sense on a number of levels - if you haven't considered it yet for your shipping operation, you might be missing a trick.

In this article, we take a closer look at the various advantages which make palletising such a compelling shipping option:

Ease of transportation

This is probably the predominant benefit of using pallets - they are designed for quick and easy loading. By using pallets to stack various small items in a single, uniform, confined space, shippers can keep track of them more easily. They are also able to protect the items inside from damage. Thanks to the universal size and shape of pallets, they are simple for a pallet jack to stack during the shipping process.

Tough enough

A pallet represents a strong option for containers compared to plastic wrappers or cardboard boxes. Because they are stronger and can carry more weight, shippers can stack them on top of each other without the concern that they might break. Pallets also raise their contents from the ground, meaning there is no contact with any debris or damp at the bottom of a transportation vehicle.

Low weight and small size

Despite being strong, pallets are recognised as a shipping container which is relatively lightweight. This is an important cost saver, as pallets are not adding a lot of weight to the items which are being shipped. Their fairly small size in comparison to other container options means that they don't take up a lot of floor space, and can be stacked high. They can also be easily carried by workers when not being used.


Pallets - which can be made from a range of materials from wood to plastic and metal - can be recycled. Wooden pallets, in particular, can be easily broken down and used in another type of construction, or shredded down for other uses.

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