Top tips for shipping customer products abroad

Sending gifts abroad for your customer can be a daunting task, because if they don’t reach their location or arrive damaged, it could lead to a very disappointed customer. Take heed of our top tips for sending gifts abroad to avoid this situation.


This may seem obvious, but a lot of the time parcels get damaged and the receiver is disappointed because they have been badly packaged or incorrectly labelled. Make sure you label all glass and ceramic items as fragile and anything else that could easily break in transit. Use plenty of bubble wrap and make sure the box or envelope is sealed correctly to prevent anything valuable from breaking loose.

Can you send it?

Certain items are restricted or banned when posting. Food must be non-perishable, so items like fresh fruit, meat and bread aren’t allowed, but canned goods such as peas, beans and preserved vegetables can be sent. Alcohol, always a popular gift, is restricted too. The alcohol in question must be under 24% abv (so wine is okay, but not vodka) and be no more than one litre. Batteries are also a restricted item so be careful if you are sending any children’s toys that need them. This also applies to electronic items with batteries included or built in. Check before you send your package to make sure it is okay to send, as it is unlikely you will get it back if it is seized, and may result in you facing criminal charges depending on the nature of the item posted.

Choose the right delivery company.

Let’s face it, some delivery companies are better than others, and no matter how well you package your goods, if they are badly handled and the company is badly organised, they may be lost, broken or never reach the customer in the first place, a frustrating situation for all involved. Parcel Broker are an experienced, efficient and customer centric business that can help with all your transport needs, from small packages to massive orders. We are experts in logistics and cheap parcel delivery for a wide range of businesses, and believe you’ll find us both easy to use and cost effective.