The Top 4 Apps Every E-Commerce Business Needs

Wish you had an easier way of keeping on top of your business’ marketing, sales and shipping? Here are four apps that your company cannot afford to miss out on when it comes to keeping on top of your e-commerce.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly useful platform. It not only allows you to track page views, interactions, and click rates – it also determines where the most conversions are being made on your website and in marketing strategies. You can discover your audience right down to the device they are using, and even their gender. As a free utility, the potential Google Analytics has to offer for your business cannot be missed.

Shopify Mobile

With Shopify Mobile, you can connect your business straight to Shopify, removing the need for lengthy payment gateways or backend order management. With their app, you can send your orders, customers, and payments directly to Shopify. This streamlined process not only makes purchases easier for the customer, but it can also increase the effectiveness of your customer service department, due to the ability to micro-manage orders and clients with ease, directly from your mobile device.

WordPress App

WordPress has proved to be a very efficient and reliable CMS system, particularly for e-commerce websites, as it is accessible and avoids an overly-complicated interface. Many business owners spend little time in the office and are always on their feet – the WordPress app lets you update your site on the go. You can post the latest news, photos or blog straight from your phone. Furthermore, you can utilise the social media plugins present on the app to inform your followers as you make updates. WordPress may be very user-friendly, but it does not lack in capability. It is robust, reliable and guaranteed to improve how you operate.


Hootsuite allows you to micro-manage your social media account(s) with ease. The platform can be integrated into various channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A notable feature is that you can schedule posts days, months or even years into the future, removing the hassle of opening your account manually every time you need to make an update. As well as being able to view all of your social media channels from one place, you can also effectively operate your customer services from your dashboard, seeing posts to your profiles as they come. Starting out completely free, with paid packages available to suit larger companies, Hootsuite is a must-have app for your e-commerce business.

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