The Golden Rules of Logistics

Logistics is an integral part of any business. Getting the most from logistics, however, is an art that many businesses have yet to perfect. The reality is that it's not difficult, provided you remember a small group of key concepts through every logistical interaction your business makes.

Whether your business is comprised of just you, or ten thousand employees - these golden rules of logistics still apply.

Don't cut corners

Cheap parcel delivery doesn't necessarily mean bad parcel delivery. It's important to avoid overpaying when businesses such as ParcelBroker offer affordable and high-quality domestic & international shipping. The temptation, however, for all businesses, is to try and cut costs wherever they can. Choosing an affordable carrier to handle your logistic needs is important, but you should always be guided primarily by reputation rather than rates.

Properly pack parcels

There are so many guides, articles, and informative posts available online about the proper packing of both large and small parcels. This means there's no excuse anymore for shoddy parcel packing. Remember, it's your opportunity to make the best impression on your customers. So, make sure that everyone who has anything to do with the packaging of your goods understands the basic rules of packing parcels properly. It's also up to you to provide them with quality packaging materials to work with.

Be open and communicative

Leaving customers guessing about when their parcels will arrive is a great way of turning them away from your business. Go out of your way to provide them with as much information as possible. This may include shipping charges, delivery estimates, and even live delivery tracking if possible. If a parcel is late, you should grasp the nettle and reach out to the customer to tell them. They will appreciate you making that effort much more than if you just leave them to figure it out on their own.

Keep it simple

The key to reliable logistics, then, is to keep things manageable. Package your goods properly, use a reliable parcel broker, and give as much information to your customers as you can.