Shipping is essential to ecommerce - and here's why

Traditional retail is falling behind, with ecommerce storming ahead. At this stage, it almost doesn't make sense to compare the two anymore, with the latter showing no signs of stopping. So if you own a traditional business its a good idea to consider the benefits ecommerce can offer you now.

Why is traditional retail falling behind?

The simple answer? Convenience. And it really is a simple answer. Today, people use the internet for instant gratification in everything they do.

From shopping to dating, people expect things instantly. More and more, traditional retail shopping is becoming a novelty, the kind of thing that people indulge in when they want a nostalgic day out. Even traditionally busy seasons like Christmas are becoming increasingly reliant on nostalgia and experience shoppers.

Can my traditional store still work?

Of course, but it will need to offer something that people want to come and get. You need to be able to offer an experience. And - perhaps most importantly - you need to be able to offer an ecommerce option.

Why is shipping so essential to ecommerce?

As mentioned, modern shoppers want everything straight away. They are shopping online because they don't have the time, or they don't want to visit, a brick-and-mortar store. If you sell the goods but don't offer shipping, you are negating the purpose of taking the store online.

But just having shipping isn't good enough. One of the top reasons that people drop-off when completing sales on ecommerce stores is delivery time. They might be ready to buy and be excited about the product, but if it will take 2 weeks to get delivered, often they will try and find it elsewhere.

As a business owner, you need to be aware of this. Offering ecommerce and shipping relies entirely on offering it well. If your website is difficult to use, you will lose clients. If your shipping options are deemed slow, you will lose sales.

Shipping is to ecommerce what a till is to traditional retail. Without it, you simply cannot compete. Don't let your competitors get the upper hand. Invest in top-of-the-range shipping logistics to ensure that you can offer your clients what they want, and fast!