Parcel shipping for eCommerce - Why it pays to use a broker

Many online retailers assume that the best price for shipping comes from booking direct. It’s a familiar story, spending hours setting up accounts with companies like FedEx, TNT, Pallex, Palletways and DHL in the hope of scoring cheap parcel delivery, only to end up out of pocket when the shipping prices you implement on your eCommerce site turn out to be lower than what you pay your shipping company at the end of the month.

It’s an issue which typically affects small-medium retail enterprises. Even if your business is shipping over a hundred parcels a week, it’s still a small drop in the ocean for the bigger parcel delivery companies, which means negotiating the best price can be difficult. There is another logistics solution to hand, however, which is designed to save SME’s hundreds of pounds over the course of a year.

Strength in unity

It’s common sense that a company which ships thousands of parcels on a daily basis is likely to command greater discounts than one that is moving a handful – but what if you could essentially utilise the services of a company who already has the best possible terms with the largest parcel delivery solutions in the country?

This is precisely what ParcelBroker provides. By networking with a company which holds strong sway with the big logistics firms, you can expect to pay less for your deliveries than you would with your own direct account – it sounds like it defies logic, but that’s the state of play here.

Competitive shipping solutions

In the world of digital commerce, profit margins are often squeezed incredibly tight – which means every penny counts. With cost-effective shipping, you can enjoy greater profits while availing of the best possible delivery service in the UK.

It’s not just a money-saving measure, though – checking delivery prices from a variety of logistics firms can be time-consuming. By using a broker, you can free up the time to be more productive, allowing you to focus more on sales and promotions – the bread and butter of your eCommerce business.

Why not take the stress out of logistics today? With ParcelBroker, you can move your packages safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the best possible deal every time, allowing you to enjoy a greater return on investment. It makes perfect sense.