Packaging and shipping are key to customer satisfaction in eCommerce

Order fulfilment and shipping are the backbone of any eCommerce business, and good systems need to be in place to ensure total customer satisfaction. The presentation method and packaging you choose are ways in which your customer will judge your business when goods are received, while the shipping company is your representative, so it's important customers have a good delivery experience.


Most couriers charge by size and weight, so you should aim to keep packaging as small and light as possible, to reduce costs. If you ship a wide range of goods, you probably need to keep a selection of different sized boxes and packets, so you can send packages on a daily basis. Where you send products of a similar size, you could aim to be a little more creative in your selection of shipping package. Smaller products that don't require any protective padding could be despatched in plain coffee bags, which will cut shipping costs and create a good impression with customers. Jiffy bags and padded envelopes are also a good option for smaller products.

If you want your package to stand out, you could even wrap products in craft paper, as this is sure to create a positive experience for customers. However, most eCommerce businesses will opt for standard boxes for larger products and it's important you keep a range of different sizes in stock. Buying boxes and packaging materials can eat into your business profit margins, so you should ensure these costs are covered and all your goods are labelled with realistic prices.

Free shipping

Free shipping is very popular with customers, but somebody has to pay for it. So, if you plan to offer free shipping you need to decide whether the charges will be deducted from your profits or whether to increase price points for customers, so you make your money back that way. Either way, you should make sure you have a good idea of costs of shipping and the likely impact offering free shipping will have on your business.

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