Guide to Shipping Internationally

If your ecommerce business is expanding, you might be thinking about shipping internationally. But where do you start and what things do you need to bear in mind when it comes to logistics?

We’ve put together a simple guide of all the things to consider when shipping overseas.

1. Pack your products correctly

When you are shipping your product overseas, it must be securely and safely packed to make sure it arrives in a good condition. You should think about breakage (is your product fragile and does it need extra padding?) as well as the potential for moisture to come into contact with your parcel and the restrictions on weight.

Look at lightweight packing solutions. To guard against moisture, a simple layer of thin plastic will help to seal it, and corrugated cardboard surrounding bubble wrap will add a layer of padding for a fragile item.

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2. Label it right

Unclear or incomplete labelling can at best mean delays in getting your parcel to your customer, and at worst, it could be lost altogether. A few basic things you should do is use a clear, printed label (not handwritten) and make sure it is in waterproof ink.

Cover three sides of your parcel with shipping information and labelling, and make sure if you are recycling an old box or parcel that any old labels are completely removed.

It is also a good idea to conceal what is inside the parcel. This will deter thieves and protect goods – specifically high value items.

3. Get the right documentation

When you are shipping internationally, you need to make sure you have the correct documentation for the destination country as well as any countries your parcel may be passing through.

This can include air waybills and a certificate of origin. Every country has its own rules and regulations so make sure you are aware of what is needed before shipping to avoid delays or costly penalties.

4. Insurance

This is a big one. If your customer doesn’t get their goods, or it is damaged in transit, then you could end up footing the bill if you haven’t got the correct insurance. Check your insurance policies prior to shipping to avoid risk.

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