Four Ecommerce Trends for 2017

Like almost everything which is based on the internet, e-commerce is a sector which is subject to trends – some are short-lived, others will shape how people do business online for decades. As we enter a new year, this blog looks at the different e-commerce trends which are set to emerge in 2017, and how they might affect the nature of web sales:

More mobile than ever

You might think the move to mobile was a 2016 or 2015 trend, but the truth is this development is set to pick up pace even more in 2017. Mobile traffic has officially overtaken that of desktop, and the changes Google has planned for mobile search mean that all e-commerce providers will have to be on their toes when it comes to making their sites more mobile friendly. That means intelligent SEO, mobile-friendly websites, and a customer support function which is just as responsive on a handset.

Customise and personalise

We are getting better both at collating data and using it wisely. So in 2017, there will be even more opportunities to customise and personalise user experiences on e-commerce sites. The full spectrum of products displayed, advertisements shows, and email marketing content sent can all be tailored to an individual customer, giving e-commerce providers the best chance possible of piquing their interest and opening up a route to buy.

Same day delivery

Parcel delivery which ships an item on the same day it is ordered is becoming more and more commonplace, fuelled by the decision of big guns such as Amazon to make same day delivery a more accessible option. E-commerce providers look set to expand the shipping options they offer to customers and use more facilities such as local drop-off points to make the collection process easier.


In the same way that mobile has changed e-commerce, artificial intelligence (AI) looks set to be the next emerging technology to ‘move the goalposts’. Digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant inside Google Home have the power to respond to short verbal requests, and e-commerce companies will have to keep a close eye on how this changes responses in the form of product suggestions and search results.

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