Four countries to be wary of shipping to

Being able to offer international shipping is a great plus point for businesses, particularly those in eCommerce. However, there are some countries to which shipping has been known to take a longer time or throw up more extra costs than normal. Companies can prepare themselves, and their customers, for non-typical shipping arrangements by reading our list below.

1. China

It has been known for some goods to be confiscated by authorities, making shipping questionable if involving items which the Chinese deem as a security risk. Electronic goods can come under this bracket, such as iPads and other computers, especially if they provide the potential to circumnavigate government regulations - check your goods are cleared for shipping to China before offering them to customers in the country.

2. Mexico

Heavy import tax can be one of the features of importing goods to Mexico, and there is also a high level of corruption in the country, which could lead to complications. Using a recognised carrier such as those offered by ParcelBroker is advised, as is arranging a ground presence in the country itself to help smooth over any difficulties which may be presented. Organisation of the postal system in Mexico is such as that you could be waiting a long time if you rely on native services.

3. Brazil

Heavy import taxes and a slow clearance process are two reasons shipping to Brazil should be arranged with care. You will need to present EIN ID and VAT numbers for each order. It is the vague nature of many of the Brazilian import laws, coupled with a bloated bureaucracy, which makes it important to pay particular care when servicing customers in the country.

4. Russia

Rule changes are an issue encountered when shipping to Russia, and a prohibitive attitude to electronic items has also been noted. This can often mean the need to gain clearance from another department of the Russian government before items are allowed to reach their destination.

So there you have it, four countries which demand shippers take extra care when sending to native customers. Get in touch today if you're still concerned or want further shipping advice.