Five apps to help e-commerce companies

Running an e-commerce business “empire” can be exhausting and anything that makes life easier has got to be a bonus.

There are lots of apps to help e-entrepreneurs to save time and feel more in control, but where on earth do you start? You need an app to find the best apps!

Fear not, we have five suggestions which offer great help in running an e-commerce venture. None of them will brew up for you, but we live in hope that day isn’t far off. And you will still need the support of a cheap parcel delivery service as drones controlled by your mobile are still a long way off!


This is a great time-saving app for any small businesses, as it makes it possible to collate and track a lot of web statistics on one dashboard – including tracking your Twitter, Google Analytics, Vimeo and Squarespace activity. This one is a must to support e-commerce growth.


Another great business tool for e-entrepreneurs, this app provides you with data about the world of e-commerce and SEO, ties together all your social media accounts into a manageable dashboard, and helps you to view and post content. It can be your marketing and sales team (if you haven’t already got one). A great one to play around with over time and explore all its functions – some functions are free but others involve subscription.


This is like having a digital office on your phone or tablet! It can carry out functions like messaging, processing sales leads, managing projects, tracking recruitment campaigns and scheduling meetings. All that and more, for free.


A great app if your e-commerce business relies on keeping up with the latest trends and viral conversations. It gathers content from news outlets, social media, videos and blogs, then displays it all in your own personal magazine-style format.


No, we didn’t suggest this so you can keep up with your friends or post a photo of your lunch while you juggle your work priorities.

Facebook has a lot of paid for business marketing options, but there are still ways to use its free opportunities too. You can download an app that helps you to manage and monitor your business pages, so you never miss a message or a chance to promote your products.

Product delivery app?

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