Delightful deliveries: Simple ways to make sure customers love receiving your parcels

In 2016, we saw the continued meteoric success of online business and e-commerce. With this huge rise, shipping companies have become a vital part of the retail environment and receiving packages is an everyday occurrence once again. With the increasing volume of parcels received every day, ecommerce sellers need to do more to make sure their parcel is the one photographed and put on Instagram, or Snapchatted to friends and colleagues. A handful of leaflets doesn’t quite cut it anymore and e-commerce sellers are under increasing pressure to make sure their customer is delighted with their order.

This may seem like totally unfamiliar territory, but we’ve put together some little ideas you can use to make sure your parcel is the one that gets remembered. It’s vital your parcel stands out when a customer opens it and there are some really easy tips to do this.

A handwritten note

People get deliveries all the time and a handwritten note saying simply ‘hope you love your order’ is a low cost, easy way to add a little old-fashioned charm to your package. If you’re shipping packages on a large scale, ask a member of staff to spend half an hour writing quick notes for your parcels, so you’ve got a stack that can be slipped in every package.

Engagement prompts

2016 has been the year of engagement, with customers increasingly providing businesses with great content and great publicity. Ask your customer to share a photo of themselves with their package, with a dedicated hashtag, like #mybluebox.

Use colour

If you’re wrapping items in tissue, try a bold shade of pink. If you’re using tape, why not try a sparkly or coloured alternative? Tiny tweaks to your packaging can make your parcel really stand out.

Add a surprise

Whether it’s some sweets, a free gift or a discount voucher in a golden envelope, including a surprise for your customer in with their order is a great way to raise the profile of your business. It’s also something you can market on your e-commerce site – a free gift with every order, or exclusive surprise in every order placed before 31st January.