Creative packaging ideas to boost your online sales

The arrival of a parcel and its opening is often the most exciting part of online shopping. We all feel that rush of excitement when our parcel arrives, with great packaging often encouraging us to become repeat customers. Branded packaging can be very cost-effective and is one of the most underutilised marketing opportunities within the eCommerce world.

Gift box packaging

We all love receiving presents and the opening of a gift box will bring your customer an unexpected feeling of joy. Spending a little time to arrange the parcel carefully will show your customers that you care about them and their purchase. It may cost a little extra, but the rewards you could reap from the repeat sales will more than pay for the initial outlay.

Eye-catching colour scheme

The colour and design of the packaging have a significant impact on our feelings towards the product inside. The customer's first impression will form when they see the packaging as it is their first physical interaction with your brand. Cool colours such as light pink and blue will instil a sense of calm, with warm, bright colours like yellow and orange conveying a feeling of happiness.

Personalised cards

When your parcel arrives with its customer it is an opportunity to open a personal communication channel. A small thank you card, which offers a discount or advice about the product are great examples. If you are a small company, it is the perfect chance to introduce your team with personal signatures and thank you notes. This will help you improve client loyalty and is only a small cost to factor into your shipping budget.

Social media

The unboxing process of parcels is one of the most popular streams of content on YouTube. People want to share their lives with their friends and followers, so great packaging will encourage them to share your brand. Integrating social media instructions, asking people to share your packaging online, perhaps to be entered into a competition, will significantly boost your brand. It is been proven many times that recommendations from friends will heavily influence purchasing from potential customers.

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