Why Careful Packaging is Important when Shipping Items

No matter what you’re sending or where you’re sending it to, it’s absolutely essential that you package the item securely and neatly. But why exactly is this so important? Obviously, some items are fragile and need to be packaged carefully to prevent damage, but secure packaging is also important for other, non-fragile items. In today’s blog, we’ll explain why.

1. Minimising risk of loss

Even if an item isn’t likely to break, it can still be lost. If a parcel is poorly or insecurely wrapped, it can come open or even split apart. If this happens, its contents can fall out and become lost. In order to ensure that the item or items that you are sending arrive at their destination, it is vital to ensure that the packaging won’t open or split. Make sure your parcel’s packaging is robust and secure.

2. Cultivating a sense of professionalism

If you have to send items to customers as part of your ecommerce business, the packaging of those items will be seen as an indicator of your business’s quality. If an item arrives in a poorly-packaged state, the customer is unlikely to trust your business in future. Even if the item is intact, the fact that you didn’t take proper care when packaging it will reflect badly on your company. On the other, if an item arrives in a secure, neatly packaged state, the customer is likely to interpret this as a sign of professionalism and trustworthiness.

3. Avoiding minor damage

Even if an item isn’t fragile, it can still be scuffed, cracked or suffer from other forms of minor damage. Customers don’t want to receive damaged products, even if the damage is purely cosmetic, that’s why you should always make sure your parcels are packaged securely and can protect the items inside.

At ParcelBroker we can ensure that your parcels arrive at their destination quickly for a price you can afford. However, it’s up to you to make sure that they’re properly packaged. Don’t be careless when packing items that need to be shipped: secure, neat packaging is highly professional and minimises the risk of loss and damage.