4 things to consider when adapting your local business for eCommerce

You’ve been running a local business successfully for some time now, but you are ready for the next big challenge. Thanks to the digital world it is easy to suddenly access a whole host of new customers, both on a national scale and worldwide, and these tips can help you make that change easier.

Develop a social presence

Social media is a free global resource with unlimited possibilities and a great way to advertise your brand to a wider audience. By developing a social media presence you can connect with potential customers, advertise what your brand can do and make anyone who would be interested in purchasing from you that you will be shipping further afield soon.

Research the best shipping company for you

Everyone has different logistics when choosing who to ship with: if they ship to where your customers are, cost-effective for you and your customer, ethics of the shipping company. Some firms to consider to help you expand your local business are DX, DHL, FedEx, TNT, Pall-Ex and Palletways. All of these have different services they can offer so make sure appropriate research is done to get the best fit for you, your business and your customer.

Check out the competition

Even if you are shipping pallets or parcels you still need to be aware of what the competition is offering. It is to your advantage to know what your direct customers are offering (how they sell, how they ship etc.) as it will allow you to plan your own strategy effectively.

Define Your Brand

Your brand will already be recognisable on a local scale due to local trade but in order to stand out nationally/internationally, you should focus on defining what your brand is. As mentioned above, having a social presence will help spread the word but you should focus on other things as well. Package your products in a way that signifies your brand in order for customers to recognise you and design your website to match your existing branding and online presence.

All of these tips should help you take your local business to a successful eCommerce business.