4 eCommerce Shipping Tips for 2018

So you've set up a sparkling new website, filled it with enticing products, optimised it for SEO, and done your marketing. Are you ready to run a successful eCommerce business? You might be nearly there, but in order to provide the 'full package' you need to think carefully about your shipping.

Shipping is a critical part of the customer journey, and in this blog we take a look at some handy tips when it comes to creating a shipping strategy:

Empower your customers with choices

In the digital age, we have many choices when it comes to where to shop. And those options should extend to how we accept delivery of a product. You should endeavour to provide a number of shipping options to customers, giving them the opportunity to pick from shipping choices such as standard delivery or express. This leaves the decision in the hands of shoppers - are they happy to wait and pay a lower shipping fee, or do they need their item ASAP?

Offer sensible rates

While cheap parcel delivery providers can help you keep shipping costs to a minimum, it can be unwise to treat shipping as an opportunity to increase your margins. As a general rule, you should endeavour to make money on your products, rather than by putting shipping prices up. Just concentrate on being as competitive as possible in relation to your rivals.

Keep an eye on the competition

As touched upon in the tip above, it does no harm at all to know exactly what your direct competitors are doing with regards to their shipping. If you can match or even trump them in terms of rates, be more informative to customers, and offer them more choices, you are on a fast track to shipping success.

Communication is key

Don't underestimate the importance of keeping your customers in the loop. Once we have bought something online, unlike the high street, we can't enjoy it immediately. That means that customers value being kept up to date with exactly where their product is, and how long it will take.

So there are some tips on eCommerce shipping, an essential element of business for any online retailer.